Career Values and Interests

The Career Values and Interests questionnaire is designed as an activity for Grade 9 students to do during the Vocational Exploratory program. This sample is interactive. Complete and save the questions in Steps 1 and 2, and then view results in Step 3. Copy and paste your results into a page if you want to keep these results. NOTE: Schools that use the Skills Library CVTE Database can provide this exercise to students via the student pages, and can save and view student responses year by year.

Step 1 - Career Values

Career Interests and Values Questionnaire

Career Values

Rate each on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5=Very important to me through 1=Not important to me.

How much do you want these career values to be part of your pathway and your future career?54321
ARTISTIC WORK: Doing creative work; applying style, design and artistic skills to work projects.
COMMUNITY, CHILDHOOD AND FAMILY CARE: Helping individuals with direct needs; providing teaching, coaching, mentoring, or enrichment; or providing healthcare; or other work that improves quality of life for adults or children in the community.
INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Being involved with the development of new products, projects, or businesses or new ideas; or other new and innovative work.
CAREER IDENTITY: Working in a career path that has a clear professional identity, with a tradition of lifelong professional growth, mentoring or apprenticeship; with value placed on experience; and with support and mentoring provided to new workers.
APPLIED MATH, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY: Using technical rules, diagrams and science concepts to understand how things work; applying knowledge to practical work projects.
HANDS-ON SKILLS: Using tools; operating machinery; building or repairing; hands-on skilled work.
ENVIRONMENTAL CARE: Being knowledgeable about and involved with nature, plants, animals, weather, ocean, clean air, clean water, and other aspects of the natural environment.
CRAFTMANSHIP: Using tools and equipment to produce high-quality products; doing work that designs, fashions, builds or repairs visible products and services.

Step 2- Career Interests

Career Interests and Values Questionnaire


During the Exploratory program, you may notice how each program connects with the types of work you value. For example, consider the following. Check all of the activities that appeal to you.

Consider the value of "Applied Math, Science and Technology." Which of the following appeal to you?

Consider the value of "Environmental Care." Which of the following appeal to you?

Consider the values of "Artistic Work" and "Craftsmanship." Which of the following appeals to you?

Consider the value of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship." Which of the following appeals to you?

Consider the idea of "Career Identity." Which of the following appeals to you?

Step 3 - Results Summary

Career Interests and Values Questionnaire

Step 3 - Results Summary

Results and calculations -

My top three career values

Details - Points Calculation for All Career Values

Reflection: Based on your top career values...


REFLECT: You may have noticed that many careers cross over several different values and interests. Because of this crossover, there may a variety of different CVTE programs that would be a good fit for your values and interests.

DISCUSS: Which career interests and values are important to you right now? How do these career interests and values relate to your CTE program choices?