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about Connecting Activities (Massachusetts Career Ready) Database

Database for Connecting Activities (CA) and other youth employment and career development programs in Massachusetts. Includes screens for the Work-Based Learning Plan (with regular and mobile versions). Placement screen, job descriptions, skills/tasks, employer information and career development activity tracking. (database sign-in) (CA website)

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Articles about workplace and career skills, youth employment program strategies and more. Resources supporting staff in Connecting Activities and other youth programs.

Contextual Learning

Books / Workbooks

The Mosaic Economy

The Mosaic Economy

Where are the jobs in today's economy? Insights into a mosaic of jobs and opportunities, drawing on stories, statistics and history.
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Career Development Toolkit

A workbook with readings and activities about career development, labor market information and the economy.
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Career Exploration

Career Profile ProjectCareer Profile Project

A career development resource for students, featuring a collection of career profile interviews with professionals from a variety of fields. View Career Profile Interviews. Contribute a profile of your own career.

First Steps Career Survey

Student Survey
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Skills Portfolios

Skills Portfolio

A web-based portfolio that allows students to display essays, photos, artwork, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, music clips and more in a visually appealing portfolio.
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Career Vocational/Technical Education Resources

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