Mayor`s Summer Youth Employment Program 2020

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Youth Application Form

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program 2020 (MSYEP 2020)

Please be sure to carefully read the following information before beginning your application.

  1. There are a limited number of positions available for this program. Not everyone who applies will be offered a position. Positions for 14 and 15 year old youth are also limited due to Child Labor Laws.
  2. Please be sure to complete this application in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered for positions or interviews for positions.
  3. Be sure to complete the application process by checking your email and validating that you received an email from our Database after you submit your application. Every year, applicants do not complete this step, and emails are entered incorrectly or go to SPAM.
  4. Each applicant will need to have their own unique email address. Email must be checked OFTEN, as this is the only way we use to communicate.
  5. If you are offered a position, you must complete all hiring paperwork, turn in all forms, and turn in appropriate hiring identification before you can begin work.
  6. Each participant in the program will be assigned a work site and will also be required to attend a weekly work readiness class. This is a program, which has elements of both onsite work and classroom work.
  7. PARENTS: Please do not fill out applications for your children. Please have your children email us directly with any questions. If your child requires a reasonable accommodation in this regard, please let us know how we can assist.
  8. This program is six weeks long, and will officially run from July 6- August 14, and almost all work assignments are in the morning and early afternoon. Some assigned worksites may begin before July 6. Please keep in mind, that if you are unable to complete the entire program due to vacations, participation in other programs, or having other employment, this will effect your chance to receive an offer to participate in the program The program must be completed in its entirety (with exceptions for exigent circumstances).
  9. Participants are chosen for the program based on a number of factors, including completion of applications, quality of essays, recommendations, grant criteria, quality of interview (if offered an interview) among other factors.
  10. Our grantors request information including family income, disability, homelessness, DCF, DYS or court involvement, and other special categories. Some of the grant funded spots are reserved for youth in these categories. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER ANY OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS, but it will help us determine your eligibility for certain grant funded slots. You may be asked for proof.

Application Form - Step 1

** NOTE: Enter your email address carefully. We will send information to you at the email address you provide.