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The Mosaic Economy

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The Mosaic Economy The Mosaic Economy is a description of the varieties of economic activity that come together to provide a mosaic of jobs and opportunities in today’s economy. The idea of a mosaic suggests that it is possible to look at the economy in different ways, allowing different pictures to emerge. When we look at the mosaic, certain key themes and patterns emerge. Entrepreneurship. Technology. Building community. Creating healthy personal environments. A re-emergence of manufacturing and artisanal production. Values of environmental concern, fair trade and social connectedness interwoven into all areas of economic activity.

The idea of a mosaic encourages readers to form their own interpretations of the economy, seeing different patterns and themes each time they take a fresh look.

The focus is on leading a gentle, inviting conversation. Many economic analyses are full of urgent 'ought-to' messages, leaving audiences and readers feeling somewhat drained and powerless. This book seeks to make people feel empowered as they read. Readers should be creatively empowered to "add to" the story of the mosaic and personally empowered to take small positive steps to build their own careers, support others in their career development, or know that they can have a positive impact on the economic development of their communities.

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PowerPoint Presentation: From the May 15, 2015 MCAE Conference: The Mosaic Economy [PPT].

About Jennifer Leonard


Jennifer Leonard is the owner of The Skills Library, providing software and resources for educational and career development programs. She has over twenty years of experience in consulting and public and nonprofit leadership.

Jennifer's interest in community development and youth development led to studying Economics, concentrating in labor markets and statistics.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has used skills in research and data management in support of career development, youth programs and community development. Projects incorporate a wide range of work, including design of online databases and software to support nonprofit and school-based programs; development of curriculum; writing about careers and youth development; and professional development support for program staff.

Personal interests include community development, community gardening, youth programming, the arts, music and more. Jennifer is currently a volunteer with the Southwest Corridor Park Alliance (, Boston Park Advocates, and with the Living Safely in Jackson Square coalition ( as well as other community networks.

She holds a Bachelors degree from Mount Holyoke College and a Masters degree from Tufts University.

Jennifer is the author of The Mosaic Economy, the Career Development Toolkit, and the Skills Pages Youth Employment Blog.