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Science Wednesdays

Explore the world through art and science. Science Wednesdays include hands-on science activities, such as building with electronics kits, using microscopes, simple experiments and more. Activities also include craft, sewing, art, sketchbooks and other art-related activities. and simple experiments. Science Wednesdays is a weekly after-school program at Mildred C. Hailey Apartments. The program began in 2016. Meetings were off-and-on during the pandemic, and have been re-starting in 2022.

Email Jennifer Leonard at for more information.

Project Descriptions

We post some of our project descriptions, photos and videos on the Contextual Learning Portal at


What is a Robot

What is a robot? What is the difference between a robot and a human?

Lemon Battery Power

Create batteries from lemons and other fruit; discuss the context of energy and electricity.

Kitchen Chemistry

Chemistry projects in an after-school program

Pi Day - Calculating the Area of a Circle

A brief afterschool program activity for Pi Day.

Wind and Weather

A series of projects, videos, and models focusing on wind, weather, and weather stations. The primary activity is the construction of an anemometer, using an electronics kit and arduino (snapino) kit.

Random Poetry Generator

A random-poetry generator using an Arduino board and circuit based on the Snap Circuits "Snapino" set. Turn the crank on a generator, then pause, and random words appear on the computer screen to create a random poem. The faster you turn the crank, the more poetry you get. The program is pre-written, including an array of words for the random poetry, and participants can modify the program and array of words.

Atoms, Water and Magnetism

Five simple experiments that suggest the connection between atoms/molecules and electricity and magnetism. In our Science Wednesdays program we did this activity in a 90-minute session; but it could be expanded to allow more time for linking theory and experiment.

Rope Baskets

Craft / Science Wednesday project

Physics of Music & Sound

A series of projects that introduce the concepts of acoustic and electronic music and sound. Copper-pipe xylophones are a highlight, along with electronic circuits that explore the conversion of electrical current to sound and sound to current.


Creating sundials; also creating models to illustrate the motion of the earth around the sun.

Sketchbook Sessions

Gallery of Sketchbook Ideas (from artists around the world via Flickr)

Sketch Workshop