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Job Title Job Description
Accounting InternThe Accounting Intern will be exposed to and participate in the day-to-day operation of the Town Accountant's office. The Intern will assist and work independently in the processing of bills that are submitted by various departments. The Intern will develop spreadsheets and participate in various accounting projects. The Intern will observe and participate in the town meeting process.
Accounting InternIntern will learn by participating in the information flow and cost control proceedures of an office. Intern will learn to process invoices and enter payroll information into the computer system.
Activities InternAssists Activities Director with senior residents in activity rooms within a medium sized nursing home.
Administrative AideProvide Administrative support to Red Cross Departments and work with the Blood Donor Department.
Administrative Assistant Intern will assist Facilities and Maintenance Director in compiling data in order to implement district wide service.
Advertising / Marketing InternAssist Group Sales & Services Coordinator, Advertising & Sales Coordinator, and the Executive director with daily operations in a regional convention visitor's bureau.
Allied Health On-Site InternIntern will perform a variety of tasks associated with the position of Nursing Assistant. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: measuring and recording vital signs; assisting with nutritional and elimination needs; assisting with patient safety, positioning, and mobility; personal care and comfort measures. Strict adherence to infection control measures is required as well as response to basic emergency procedures.
Animal CareIntern will work at the humane society taking care of small animals, primarilly cats and dogs.
Animal Care InternAssist the professional keeper staff with the general animal husbandry duties in a zoo facility owned and managed by and serving the region, named "one of the best small zoos in the United States" by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
Architecture InternAssist architect in general architecture, design and construction services relative to design and presentation of buildings and landscapes in a small, local architecture and design firm.
Assistant to Office ManagerLearn transactions involved in real estate. determine proce of a house for sale, showing properties to buyers, researcheing permits, deeds, and other necessary paperwork.
Assistant Graphic DesignerWith assistance from staff designers, Assistant Graphic Designer (AGD) will design ads and meet deadlines, communicate with advertising representatives in the proofing process, work on in-town marketing materials such as flyers, post cards, and supplement
Auto Body On-Site InternIntern will perform a variety of tasks in the vocational school auto body shop servicing vehicles for the city departments and the general public. Intern will inspect damage and discuss repairs to be made with vehicle owner or shop supervisor. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: repair dents; removed ruined sections and replace with new parts; glass work; painting; and frame alignment. Take apart and reassemble mechanical systems, such as suspension, steering, electrical, brakes, air conditioning, engine cooling and drive train. In all instances, student is expected to adhere to established safety standards when using tools, operating equipment and in dealing with others.
Auto TechnicianAssists manager in retail/service auto parts store.
BabysitterStudent is responsible for the well-being and care of three children at day care setting. Student picks children up at school and transports to facility.
Bagger-ClerkBag groceries efficiently using proper technique. assist customers with inquiries.
Bank Teller InternStudents manage and operate a banking facility located at the high school.
Barista / Prep CookI am a barista. A prep cook, and I work the register.
Barn AssistantThe position will involve the care and training of horses and upkeep of facility and equipment. Student will be an assistant to the trainers at the farm as well as involved in general barn work and maintenance.
Basketball Ref / Scorer / TimerWork at youth basketball as a referee, scorer and/or timer.
Broadcast Journalism InternAssist staff with production of a morning talk show that serves the Southcoast community.
Business InternAssist all sales and office management staff with daily operations in an ad specialty company.
Business Intern / Rental CenterIntern will oversee the day to day operation of a large rental center under the supervision of the manager.
CashierAs a cashier and team player at one of the busiest franchise coffee/donut facilities in New England, student will operate cash register, make coffees and clean and maintain facility.
CashierStudent will perform duties of cashier operating computerized cash register, greeting and assisting customers, stocking shelves and special display bins, dusting and making sure store aisles are clean and passable.
Cashier / Customer Service AssociateCustomer service, cashier, sales associate. I close and count the money every shift that I work.
Cashier / Sandwich ArtistAs a sandwich artist, student will create sandwiches / grinders and food orders according to customers' wishes while applying company measures and standards. Student will also assist in maintaining neat, clean store and food prep area and assist in cash
ChefCook, help supervise and take part in everyday activities. Help take inventory and place orders. Participate in mid-day activities such as prep work, cooking and taking orders for customers.
Child Care InternYouth will assist toddlers and preschool teachers with daily routines in a center-based day care facility.
Children's Museum AssistantPerforms various tasks to help in the day to day operations of the museum-craft preparation, animal care, museum exhibit readiness, and general housekeeping.
Chiropractic InternAssist with administrative tasks and observe chiropractic procedures.
Chiropractic InternAssist with administrative tasks and observe chiropractic procedures.
City Clerk InternTo assist administrative staff with daily operations in the Mayor's office as well as constituent services.
Classroom Support/Physical TherapyPhysical Therapist. Accesses and treats gross motor skills needed for children (PreK-12) to access environment.
Classroom Teaching AssistantClassroom Teaching Assistant will be responsible for preparing and maintaining bulletin board displays; assisting students in specialized learning groups; monitor laboratory activities; presenting lessons with the classroom teacher and independently; and assist with daily teaching activities as needed. In addition, Assistant will participate in regularly scheduled classroom preparation meetings with the lead teacher.
ClerkKeep store tidy and organized by placing clothes on hangers and ensuring they are on the right racks.
ClerkSorting, organizing, tagging, and hanging clothes on designated racks. Perform general cleaning around the establishment.
Communication InternAssist with daily operations at a local cable television station.
Community Service Intern-MaintenanceYouth will assist with all aspects of maintenance, as well as with food service, at a local community service program.
Community Service Intern-SportsYouth will work in a particular interest group to complete weekly community service-based projects, while focusing on team-building and communication skills.
Computer Science InternDevelop an understanding of the commercial technology business by assisting Junior and Senior Technicians with daily operations in a technology service company.
ConcessionistAs a Concessionist at a local cinema, student will make popcorn, sell a variety of snacks and foods, and assist in the cleaning of the theater.
Construction Coop StudentAssist project managers in day to day construction activities related to drafting and document processing.
Construction Tech On-Site InternIntern will perform a variety of tasks associated with light construction with a concentration in house construction. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: read and interpret construction blueprints, working drawings and building codes; using hand tools and operating power tools; using and maintaining ladders and scaffolds; framing floors, walls, ceilings and roofs; and finishing work (exterior and interior). There is a strong emphasis on safety, teamwork, and quality of work. Adherence to OSHA/MOSHA and other health and safety regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs in the occupational area.
Consulate InternAssist staff with administrative aspects at a regional Portuguese Consulate.
Contractor / Construction WorkerExcavating and septic system installments. This job involves reading blue prints and making calculations to determine where things are existing and need to be and how they need to be made to perform correctly. Pipe lines for water, drainage and electrical lines are dug for using heavy machinery and then put together by man labor. Man holes and septic systems are also dug and placed. This job also does excavating jobs such as digging for house foundations and possible digging for sidewalks if it needs to be done on that particular site. This job requires moderate to heavy lifting and full flexibility. Safety guidelines are set by OSHA safety laws.
Cosmetology On-Site InternApplying the principles of cosmetology, the intern will work in a salon environment providing hair cutting and styling services, manicuring services, and skin care services. Pleasant communication and problem solving skills in dealing with the public is necessary. In addition, student will update and maintain customer information records such as hair color or permanent wave solution. Cleaning work area and tools is required.
CounselorProvides games room staff support in a after school urban youth agency.
Counselor Aide & Administrative AssistantWill provide administrative support to the Dedham Community House, as well as, get exposed to the child camp outside. Tasks will include answering phones, greeting customers, coordinating payments for camp and working with kids in activities
Crew TrainerTrains new crew members for a national fast food restaurant chain.
Culinary InternYouth will have hands-on training in all departments (Sandwiches/Salads, Grill, Cashier, Take-out, Waitstaff) in a fully operational restaurant.
Culinary On-Site InternIntern will perform a variety of tasks in the culinary arts field including but not limited to: preparing foods for cooking; preparing meats, poultry, and seafood; preparing salads, sandwiches, and beverages; and preparing bakery items. Individual will also apply fundamentals of menu planning, ordering, receiving, and storage. Fundamental knowledge of food service industry required such as knowledge of basic terminology in food service; identify standards of personal hygiene, sanitation, and safety; identify liquid and dry measures; identify ingredients used for cooking and baking; and the ability to read and follow a standard recipe.
Curatorial InternAssist curator with tasks related to management of museum collections, primarily inventorying , marking and catologing specified historic objects. Assists with other miscellaneous non-collections related duties (mailings, events, etc.) as needed in a local historical museum.
CustodianMaintainence person. Student will work as summer maintainence worker for the city school department.
Customer ServiceAssist department heads with plan development and preparation for upcoming season in a swimming pool/hot tub retail and construction business.
Day care assistantTo observe and understand the daily operations in a day care setting.
Dental InternAssist in a family & cosmetic, implant Dentistry.
Detective Clerk InternAssist with clerical duties in the MA State Police-Detective Unit for the District Attorney's office.
Dietary AideStudent will work in the full-scale kitchen of a large residential health care center. She will be preparing light foods, nourishment in between main meals, setting-up of dining area, serving in dining area and maintaining a clean and safe food preparati
Dishwasher/food prepIntern will learn how to plan and prepare meals and snacks for children in a day care facility.
Education InternThe intern's jobs include correcting, running off papers, working with entire class with spelling and one-on-one tutorial work with students having difficulty with math. She also helps out in the kindergarten while we're on break for lunch.
Education InternAssist teacher with instructing students in an integrated classroom.
Education InternAssist teacher with instructing students in an integrated classroom.
Education InternAssist teacher with instructing students in an integrated classroom.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternStudent will work in the electrical wiring field to complete jobs for the City (DPW, Park & Rec, Public Works) and other local organizations. Duties include but are not limited to: plan layout and draw sketches of electrical systems; install or connect conduit (piping), junction boxes, wiring and electrical fixtures; repair or replace faulty wiring, equipment and fixtures. Test electronic components using ammeters, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, and other equipment. Use hand tools, power equipment, and measuring devices to get the job done. Follow federal, state, and local electrical and building codes when planning and conducting work.
Entrepreneurship ProgramTo learn how to start and operate a small business, including creating and designing marketing materials and logos, as well as writing and presenting a small business plan.
Field InternProvide technical assistance for the SMAST ground fish program, including the SMAST study fleet, tagging programs, and fish biology investigations.
Fire Department InternObserve and assist fire department command staff with various aspects of service including inspections, fire prevention and education.
Fitness InternAssist Fitness Center Director (FCD)/Head of Strength Training with daily tasks in a college campus fitness center.
Golf Course InternLearn the maintenance of an 18 hole golf course. Learn to operate and maintain golf course equipment. To learn to work with others. Learn to communicate with staff and the public.
Graphic Design/Marketing InternAssist Marketing and Advertising departments with all promotional design efforts at a mid-sized, daily, community newspaper.
Graphics On-Site InternIntern will perform a variety of tasks in the Graphic Arts field to produce printed materials for city departments and the public school system including but not limited to: pre-production practices including typesetting and camera ready art; production practices such as offset printing, large and small volume copying (color and B&W), and Risograph; post-production practices such as trimming, folding, binding, pads, and shrink wrap. Individual must adhere to proper safety procedures when using tools, operating equipment and in dealing with others. Individual will demonstrate proficiency in the use of computers and applications as well as an understanding of concepts underlying hardware, software and connectivity. Intern will analyze basic business practices required to start and run a company.
History Department Admin.AssistantIntern will work directly with the department chair and staff to facilitate all aspects of the social studies curriculum.
Horticulture AssistantHorticulture Assistant will work alongside propagation manager sowing seeds, mixing soil, transplanting seedlings, engraving plant labels, raking, mulching, cleaning gardens, and create a display for the Sanctuary's Visitor Center.
Horticulture On-Site InternThe intern will plan for a greenhouse/nursery sale. Duties include scheduling what to grow and when to order materials; compose inventory; place orders; produce crop for sale on schedule; design and develop marketing strategy; perform appropriate interpersonal relations in a sales setting; operate cash register; analyze sales outcome; recommend improvements for future sales. Additionally, student will select appropriate tools and equipment as they relate to the task at hand and demonstrate strict adherence to safety procedures when using tools, operating equipment, and in dealing with others. Individual will need to communicate effectively with others through oral, written, and electronic communication in a social/business setting.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternIntern will perform a variety of tasks in the field of hospitality management and service for the bistro and the cafe. Student will prepare a dining room for service including table settings for various types of meals, serve as a bus person, server, host/hostess, expediter, and manager. Follows industry standards for proper handling of food including adherence to ServSafe guidelines as outlined by the National Restaurant Association.
HostessAs hostess in friendly restaurant greet customers and seat them as soon as possible. Make them feel comfortable and welcomed. Operate cash register and clear and set tables.
Human Services AssistantHuman Services Assistant will provide clients with companionship and emotional support, accompany them for short walks, assist in preparing and facilitating an educational discussion session, take part in day-to-day problem solving of mental health issues, play trivia and other mind stimulating games with clients, participate in or formulate a group chair exercise, perform individual and group activities with clients and maintain confidentiality of all client/family information at the Adult Day Care facility.
Illustrator AssistantIllustrator's Assistant will assist senior illustrator with drawing and illustration using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software in addition to participating in creative and production meetings with clients and artists and observe the studio organization and set up.
InstructorThe Playground Instructor will work under the supervision of the Fitchburg Recreational Department to help organize, develop, and implement recreational and arts and crafts activities for all children who attend the parks program. The instructor will help
InternAssist manager and staff with general duties at a express package delivery company.
InternAssist owner of a formal boutique with all daily operations, including customer service, ordering/buying, and marketing.
InternAssist with customer service and administrative aspects in a local travel agency which provides arrangements for all aspects of travel.
InternLearn different responsibilities that are involved in becoming a law enforcement agent.
Journalism InternJournalism Intern will be responsible for occasional interviews and story with direction from editor; photography related to stories; typing police logs; assisting with editing calendar selections; occasional filing; and observing the final editing process. In addition, Intern will also work on a special project one day per week.
Landcsape HelperAs a landscape company helper, student will encounter a variety of outdoor jobs that change with the seasons. Student will plant shrubs,trees and grass, rake leaves, trim shrubs, shovel snow and plow according to time of year.
Law InternAssist a lawyer in the daily operations of a law office.
Law InternAssist attorneys mainly with the discovery process in a general practice law firm that primarily concentrates on civil litigation.
Law InternAssist in a general practice law office that focuses on criminal defense.
Legal AssistantLegal Assistant will be responsible for client intake (information for file); drafting documents; sharing file information with co-workers for task completion; phone, fax, and computer communication; researching/writing for cases; and drafting memos. In addition, Assistant will review settlement statements for accuracy.
Legal InternAssist attorneys mainly with the discovery process in a general practices law firm that primarily concentrates on civil litigation.
Magazine InternAssist with the daily operations of a local magazine publication.
Marketing /Events InternAssist staff with daily operations in a nonprofit organization that sponsors cultural and artistic events as a means of promoting social activism.
Marketing and Business InternMarketing Intern
Marketing and Design InternAssist communications coordinator with various marketing & graphic design duties at a local Chamber of Commerce.
Marketing InternIntern will work under the Director of Sales and Marketing to experience marketing techniques and proceedures of a busy company.
Marketing/Graphic Design InternAssist Marketing and Advertising departments with promotional design and strategic marketing efforts at a mid-sized, daily, community newspaper.
Masonry InternTo become familiar with an assist in the process of repairing cemetery stones.
Mechanical Engineering InternAssist engineers in a rubber manufacturing plant.
Medical InternAssist and observe the medical staff in caring for patients in an acute medical/surgical unit of a local community hospital.
Medical InternAssist the technologies and support staff in the daily operations of a hospital-based nuclear medicine department.
Medical InternObserve and assist with aspects of administration in a physician's office specializing in Internal and Geriatric medicine.
Membership Desk StaffTo perform all tasks required to maintain the membership desk of a busy recreational facility.
Merchandising Assoc.Assists Merchandising manager for a national retail store.
Multi-Media Production AssistantAs a Multi-Media Production assistant, Iain will test Video games, write descriptions of bugs, Edit images in Photoshop, edit some HTML pages and research for upcoming projects.
Museum Curator InternAssist curator with tasks related to management of museum collections.
Museum InternAssist historical museum's staff with various duties.
Nursing Assistant / VolunteerEmergency Department Assistant will work with professional registered nurses and physicians to achieve stated and agreed upon patient outcomes in the delivery of holistic patient care. Assistant will observe procedures for providing clinical care, patient/family education, and decision making and will work cooperatively with peers, hospital staff, and other health care providers to restore the patient to his/her optimal health potential, and, if unable to meet this, to allow the patient to a peaceful, dignified death.
Nursing InternAssist and observe medical staff in caring for patients in a non-profit sub-acute nursing home.
Nursing InternAssist and observe medical staff in caring for patients in a non-profit sub-acute nursing home.
Nursing InternObserve the nursing roles and duties with high risk infants and pediatric patients in an inpatient hospital environment.
Occupational NursingThe CNA is part of the Health Care team. Student provides patient care under the direction of the nurse and assists in maintaining the nursing and patient units.
Office AssistantTo assist the Development Director of the club to organize large annual fundraiser.
Office AssistantMajor responsibilities include; greeting clients, answering telephone calls, routing / screening calls, responding to general questions from clients,setting appointments, filing, sorting mail, data processing, and customer service
Office InternAssists office manager with all related duties in a non-profit social services agency.
Office InternAssist staff in an insurance agency.
Office Support - Office of the SuperintendentStudent will help out in various areas in the Office of the Superintendent.
Operations AssistantAssist with orchestra operations in the following capacity: rosters, payroll, travel expenses, databases, correspondence, filing, soloist itinerary, and assisting at Pops concerts during the season.
Painting InternAs part of a work experience program, youth will repair/restore various sites throughout the city.
Parish Administrator AideIntern will work under the direction of the parish administrator on assigned projects.
Pediatric InternThe intern will work under the supervision of a pediatric nurse in an outpatient setting. Intern will learn throrugh observation and hands on experiences.
Pediatric Unit InternObserve the nursing roles and duties with high risk infants and pediatric patients in an inpatient hospital environment.
Photography InternObserve and assist at a local photographic art studio.
Photography Studio Marketing AssistantWill work as a marketing associate to develop a complete campaign for our High School Senior Portrait Program. Will also participate and development of year long events culminating in a yearly book publication.
Physical Therapy InternAssist physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and exercise physiologists in an outpatient physical therapy clinic.
Physical Therapy InternAssist physical therapist and physical therapy assistants in an outpatient PT and sports rehabilitation clinic.
Physical Therapy InternAssist physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and exercise physiologists in an outpatient physical therapy clinic.
Physical Therapy InternAssist physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and exercise physiologists in an outpatient physical therapy clinic.
Physical Therapy InternObserve the roles of a occupational therapist and physical therapist in an extended care facility.
Physical Therapy InternObserve the roles of a occupational therapist and physical therapist in an extended care facility.
Physical Therapy InternObserve the roles of a occupational therapist and physical therapist in an extended care facility.
Plant Operations AssistantPlant Operations Assistant will develop an understanding of the of the operation of the emergency generator for the hospital; assist, as needed, in the transfer room; re-lamp electrical fixtures throughout the hospital as needed; test outlets; and change frayed cords as needed.
Police Department InternGain first hand experience while working directly with officers in a variety of areas including Domestic Abuse, ID Division, Public Safety, Planning and Research, Dispatch, and Detectives. Responsibilities include patrolling, ride-alongs, paperwork and other duties.
Produce ClerkAs a produce clerk in a large supermarket chain store, student will weigh, wrap and price, display and rotate produce to ensure fresh quality products are available for customers. Student will also assist front-end as bagger as needed.
Production / News AssistantStudent assists the morning crew by operating the studio camera, running teleprompter, and distributing scripts and rundowns to the staff. She helps with basically anything needed with the newscast and updates.
Production AssistantIntern will work with the graphic artists on projects for the weekly publications.
Production InternAssist the production team with the daily radio show, as well as working with the promotions department.
ProjectionistAs a projectionist, I load movies, start them, break them down and supervise customers and traffic flow in the lobby.
Real Estate Office InternAssists realtors in a real estate agency.
Rental Center Sales AssociateOversee the day to day operations of a large rental center.
Residential Program AideCare for mentally retarded adults in their home.
Restaurant TraineeHands on training while working in a fully operational restaurant.
Retail AssistantAs as Retail Assistant, become proficient in using pins and tag gun safely. Hang pants, skirts, and other garments properly. Assist with keeping the store and fixtures clean. Learn and apply principles of stylization -- shape, style, color. Learn and
Retail ClerkWork in the retail setting of the campus store of a local university. Develop an understanding of the retail process, including buying, merchandising, and customer service.
Retail InternStudent will perform a variety of duties in a retail sales environment. Assist customers with questions and help with product. Receive UPS shipments and stock inventory. Tidy sales floor. Perform miscellaneous errands.
Retail Training InternYouth will participate in a retail training program, to learn both customer service and job readiness skills.
School Store InternIntern will work for the school store under the supervision of the store faculty advisor. Intern will be involved in marketing, ordering and organizing merchandise.
School Store SalesStudent works at the school store selling and restocking store products and working on special assignments under the direction of the faculty managers.
SLP - Student InternIntern will observe speech/language screenings, evaluations and lessons. Intern will assist in completing activities that meet their objectives. Intern will work with students on an individual basis, in small groups or as a whole class.
Special Education InternAssist teachers and therapists with building speech and language, fine motor, and socialization skills in children ages 3-7 years in a Day School program for children diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.
Speech InternAssist speech and language pathologist in two elementary schools.
Speech InternAssist speech and language pathologist in two elementary schools.
Spokesperson/Care Taker InternWork at one of New Bedford's historical sites, greeting visitors and helping with general duties, including providing tourist information as well as general upkeep tasks at the site.
Store ClerkStudent will make sure that shelves and displays are stocked and products are clearly and accurately priced at major pharmacy/retail store.
Student CoordinatorI work with a nonprofit organization to help connect local farmers and agriculture with the schools and the community.
Student InternCharline will be assigned to a variety of departments throughout the hospital in an effort to learn the daily operations of the organization. Charline will provide support to the staff in each department as assigned.
Teacher AideAssist with the special education classroom. Work with students in group settings and give individual assistance. Assist with computer learning, decoding and comprehension. Assist students with organizational and study habits.
Teacher Assistant, KindergartenAssist Kindergarten teacher with daily educational activities in an integrated classroom.
Teaching Assistant, First GradeIntern will assist children and work in small groups to reinforce and enrich skills. Intern will participate in all aspects of the curriculum under my guidance and direction. Intern will demonstrate a love and a sincere interest in young children. the
Teaching Intern, Second GradeIntern is in the classroom during our writing period and specialist time. He helps the children individually as they write. He also helps children complete missed work as well as assisting all children in the computer lab. He assists the teacher with paperwork.
Technology InternIntern will work with building technology personel:respond to teacher requests in technology, clean computers; assist in district level tasks as needed.
Theatre InternAssist staff with the daily operation in a theatrical production office.
Theraputic Riding Center AssistantIntern will work at a theraputic horse riding center training horses, bridling, saddling and caring for horses, and working with students and youth receiving therapy through horse riding/grooming experiences.
Veterinary InternAssist in an animal hospital.
Veterinary TechnicianVeterinary Technician will assist the veterinarian in appointments and surgery, take care of animals in the hospital following their treatment orders, keep the hospital stocked and running smoothly, and use the specialized equipment such as lab equipment and x-ray.
Wellness Center InternAssist Fitness Services Director (FSD) with daily tasks in a wellness center environment.
Wellness-Center InternUnder the supervision of the Health and Wellness Center Director, intern will observe and assist the staff as they provide atheletic training to members.
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