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Workplace and Career Specific Skills
From Sample Work-Based Learning Plans

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Administrative AideAdministrative Work on various clerical projects. Utilize the computer and Excel software. Prepare packages for mailings on Blood Donor times Research institutions and agencies on the internet
Business InternAdministrative-Specific Skills-Organize, update, and maintain reference library including vendor catalogs, client files, and job orders. -Maintain index system for catalog reference materials. -Assist with organization of facility.
City Clerk InternAdministrative-Specific Skills-Observe the activities that take place on a daily basis, how the staff is able to multitask throughout the day with visitors and the public stopping by with questions or concerns.
Detective Clerk InternAdministrative-Specific Skills-Sort through archive boxes and correlate files with evidence and file appropriately. -Look up cases in the log book and distribute information to correct departments. -File accurately and be aware of the hardship caused by miss filling.
InternAdministrative-Specific Skills-Assist with organization of client files, copying, faxing, etc. -Take initiative to answer phones and direct calls appropriately. -Provide walk-in clients with appropriate travel brochures.
Office InternAdministrative-Specific SkillsVerify receipt book for accuracy of the the checks and cash taken in during the business day. Verify the policies that have expired to ensure that they are being renewed.
Physical Therapy InternAdministrative-Specific Skills-Pull charts for upcoming patients. -Assist with copying of HEP (Home Exercise Programs) for patients. -Complete administrative and supportive tasks such as scheduling, maintaining and cleaning of equipment, and greeting patients.
Physical Therapy InternAdministrative-Specific Skills-Pull charts for upcoming patients. -Assist with copying of HEP (Home Exercise Programs) for patients. -Complete administrative and supportive tasks such as scheduling, maintaining and cleaning of equipment, and greeting patients.
Animal CareAnimal CareIntern will reassure orphaned animals thru petting, walking and talking to them. This stimulus helps maintain healthy animals.
Animal Care InternAnimal CareAssist keepers with feeding animals including using appropriate grains, and measuring and preparing food. Clean animal exhibits, observing appropriate health and safety protocol, and using handling techniques appropriate to species. Become familiar with behaviors of social and solitary animals as well as techniques used to care for animals.
Veterinary TechnicianAnimal CareTo be comfortable and competent holding all cats, dogs, and small "pocket pets."
Contractor / Construction WorkerBlueprint ReadingBlueprints map out the job site and where existing pipelines or landmarks are and where the new septic system and leach field goes and what layers need to surround the areas for proper drainage. There are many different levels to blueprints. Calculations need to be made through basic algebra to determine slope, area, etc.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternBlueprint ReadingRead and follow blueprints to determine where to put wiring, circuits, outlets, and other equipment; develop and complete list of materials and equipment needed for job; discuss how state and/or local code reqirements apply to prints.
Allied Health On-Site InternBody Mechanics, Patient Safety, Position, and MobilityProper body mechanics for personal/resident safety; turning and positioning patient; moving patient to head of bed; assisting patient to dangle; applying transfer belt; transferring bed to chair with 1 and 2 assists; independent transfer, standby assist; transferring bed to stretcher; transferring patient with mechanical lift; assisting patient to walk with cane or walker; transporting patient by wheelchair; assisting falling patient; performing range of motion exercises; making a closed/open bed; making an occupied bed.
Broadcast Journalism InternBroadcast-Related Skills-Following commercial log, pull advertising copy and put in order to be announced. -Conduct "just in time" research for segments such as verifying information. -Contribute ideas for show segments and participate in segments. Listen to the station, pick up on the "mood" of the show and participate in show.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternBus PersonKeep work area clean; clear tables when patrons are finished eating; wipe down tables and push in chairs; sort dirty dishes (3 tier rack, soapy water, empty bucket, trash); bring used items to dish area; reset tables with clean linens, silverware, glassware, and dishes; make sure there are enough clean linens, silverware, and dishes in dining room.
Physical Therapy InternBusiness-Related Skills-Become familiar with the business and marketing aspects of running a rehab facility. -Complete administrative and supportive tasks such as scheduling patients, greeting patients, and other clerical duties. -Understand and assist in the maintenance and upkeep of facility.
Construction Coop StudentCAD DraftingEmploy autocad to updated and modify electrical construction drawings.
Accounting InternCareer DevelopmentIntern will: Learn to code invoices for entry into accounts payable system, collect and enter time sheets into payroll system among other tasks. Intern will ccome to understand how all accounting activities tie together.
Marketing InternCareer DevelopmentIntern will learn marketing skills such as: Identifying the target market; Creating a marketing profile from start to finish; Participate in the creative side of a marketing project
pediatric internCareer DevelopmentObserve and understand the importance of the front desk and back office functions - to include scheduling, registration, insurance entry, renewal, auto processing and the differences of pay or fix.
School Store SalesCareer DevelopmentBeaware of all aspects of operating a business. Develop your understanding of profit and loss. Develop ideas to better the success of the store.
Wellness Center InternCareer DevelopmentIntern will become familiar with the mission of the organization. Intern will become familiar with the goals of the Wellness Center. Intern will become familiar and wth the role of an atheletic trainer within the organization. Intern will explore career opportunties.
Education InternClassroom Management-Assist teacher with transitions between various aspects of class. -Understand students' different learning styles and ability levels and assist students individually and in small groups with classroom activities accordingly.
ConcessionistCleaning and maintainenceHelp clean the concession areas as well as the general theater area. Vacuuming and trash removal.
Cashier / Sandwich ArtistCleaning and maintenanceApply strict sanitation policy and make sure that the front end and food prep areas are neat, clean and free of clutter.
Dietary AideCleaning and MaintenanceStudent will clean and maintain a neat dining area and also assist in cleaning food prep area. She may also clean dishes and cookware.
Produce ClerkCleaning and maintenanceStudent will mist and water vegetables on display cull spoiled products and maintain neat and clean wrapping area as well as assisting in general store / floor maintenance.
ChefCollecting and Organizing InformationThis is important in making an inventory check and placing orders for the following weeks.
Classroom Teaching AssistantCollecting and Organizing InformationCreate, organize, update, and maintain bulletin board display pertaining to current lessons every eight weeks.
ClerkCollecting and Organizing InformationProperly and independently organize items for proper placement.
Construction Coop StudentCollecting and Organizing InformationAssembling, organizing, and binding various documents for submission to contractors.
Curatorial InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Take an inventory of the museum collections, in order to gather information such as item description, appearance, quality/condition, date of origin, quantity, etc. in order to create a catalog for all collecitions.
Graphic Design/Marketing InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Research photos for ads using Liquid Library, an online media library. -Assist with documentation process including organizing artwork in folders.
History Department Admin.AssistantCollecting and Organizing InformationMaintain J Hall display case, creating and coordinating a series of displays.
Horticulture On-Site InternCollecting and Organizing InformationPlan ahead for plant sale. Schedule what to grow and when to order materials. Compose inventory of materials on hand. Order needed materials.
Law InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Observe attorney during court proceedings in court. -Review and organize files for purposes of litigation and drafting demand letters. -Assist with administrative duties, such as faxing and copying.
Legal AssistantCollecting and Organizing InformationClient intake (information for file)
Magazine InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Clarify accuracy of information through phone correspondence and through the internet. -Participate in brainstorming sessions with a staff.
Marketing/Graphic Design InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Research photos for ads using Liquid Library, an online media library. -Assist with documentation process including organizing artwork in folders. -Conduct competitive research for marketing analysis. -Using appropriate telemarketing skills, contact businesses for purposes of e-mail marketing purposes.
Multi-Media Production AssistantCollecting and Organizing InformationIain will be doing some research for other upcoming projects. He will also research regional companies that specialize in interactive media.
Museum InternCollecting and Organizing InformationGather information about area restaurants, including name, address, phone number & hours, for visitor information binder. Update the School Program Brochure containing teacher contact information for the five area towns.
Nursing Assistant / VolunteerCollecting and Organizing InformationCollect patient information and place them in the correct area (waiting room or emergency department) while awaiting a nursing assignment and advise appropriate staff of situation.
Nursing InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Become familiar with the documentation process, including updating patients' charts, etc.-Take initiative to locate which area will maximize the observation experience.-Become aware of hospital procedures.
Nursing InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Observe staff interactions with patients, paying particular attention to varied approach according to patients' needs. -Become familiar with the terminology including medications, procedures, etc.
Operations AssistantCollecting and Organizing InformationAssist with rosters, filing, and soloist itinerary
Physical Therapy InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Become familiar with medical terminology related to anatomy. -Learn and implement procedure for completing medical charts.
Production InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Assist and/or observe staff with answering phones, selecting appropriate callers, preparing them to speak with hosts and gathering information form contest winners. -Assist with writing news stories.
SLP - Student InternCollecting and Organizing InformationDevelop an understanding of various speech/language disorders.
SLP - Student InternCollecting and Organizing InformationStudent will plan and prepare at least one group activity per month.
Student InternCollecting and Organizing InformationOrganize materials and handouts for patients. Assisting in the Marketing Department. Collating charts.
Theatre InternCollecting and Organizing InformationCollect and organize information relating to auditions, props and cast member schedules.
Wellness-Center InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Observe director and trainers as they conduct Special Attention Visits in personal training, including eliciting medical history as well as conducting fitness assessment and goal setting. -Become familiar with a fitness program for students with special needs. -Use corporate database to determine member status and assist with updating, maintaining, and organizing membership files.
Cosmetology On-Site InternColor, Permanent Wave, and Hair RelaxingCOLOR: demonstrate strand test before coloring; perform hair color, retouching, and highlighting techniques. PERMANENT WAVE: demonstrate sectioning/parting for roller placement; apply wave solution and wind hair on rollers; CHEMICAL RELAXERS: demonstrates chemical hair relaxer application and technique. Follows manufacturer's directions when using and applying chemical products.
Counselor Aide & Administrative AssistantCommunicationAnswer phone calls and respond to customers in a friendly manner. Work with staff in completing assigned projects. Greet customers and provide them with necessary information. Work with children in the camp.
SLP - Student InternCommunicationIntern will show proficiency with at least ten new ASL signs per month.
Administrative AssistantComputer TechnologyEnter and maintain statistical information on computer databases. Maintain work order records and distribution records. Assist in materials inventory.
Advertising / Marketing InternComputer TechnologyUse Microsoft applications: Excel for appointment requests; Word for letters, transcribe minutes and mailings; Publisher for redesign of profile sheets that include adding pictures, update events and new copy.
Assistant to Office ManagerComputer TechnologyPreparing PowerPoint flyers for listings. Using multilpe listing service to prepare comparative market analysis for property and buyer property.
Auto TechnicianComputer TechnologyEnters customer data into master database.
Communication InternComputer Technology-Using Adobe program, edit television programs, including timing of clip sequence with titles, as well as cutting, pasting and propping with information. -Demonstrate proficiency in editing and message design.
Construction Coop StudentComputer TechnologyUse of various computer programs to print drawings, generate and label CDs, print labels, etc.
Golf Course InternComputer TechnologyUsing a computer in record keeping and the operation of a golf course imitation system
Graphics On-Site InternComputer TechnologyApply computer technology to demonstrate effective pre-press practices. Use advanced features in writing/publishing applications such as QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, MS Word, Adobe Photoshop; use advanced features in Microsoft Excel. Demonstrate responsible use of technology and an understanding of ethics and safety issues in using electronic media.
History Department Admin.AssistantComputer TechnologyAssist in project development including Power Point presentations. Create databases to catalog social studies materials.
Horticulture AssistantComputer TechnologyEngrave plant labels with botanical names, common names and family names from computer data base
Illustrator AssistantComputer TechnologyAssistant will draw and illustrate using Macintosh computers and related software (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator) as well as other related equipment such as scanners and printers.
Law InternComputer TechnologyAssist attorney with daily legal research using the internet, telephone and legal publications. Create forms, documents and templates for use in multiple practice areas, also assist with file management and organization such as office mailings, copying and related tasks.
Law InternComputer TechnologyAssist attorney with daily legal research using the West Law database, internet, telephone and legal publications. Create forms, documents and templates for use in multiple practice areas, also assist with file management and organization such as office mailings, copying and other related tasks.
Membership Desk StaffComputer TechnologyTo learn and be proficient at all computer skills necessary to work effectively at the membership desk.
Office InternComputer TechnologyRefers clients to outreach programs, schedules van transportation to Boston and other programs. Provides customer service, greets clients, checks appointments, files casework paperwork.
Operations AssistantComputer TechnologyAssist with data entry and management using specific software
Parish Administrator AideComputer TechnologyResponsible for updating the church website.
Production AssistantComputer TechnologyUpdate classified ads on the web. Proofread ads.
Real Estate Office InternComputer TechnologySearches MLS listings. Performs mail merges in Excel for agency clients.
Retail ClerkComputer TechnologyData entry, reviewing inventory, pricing, ordering, and invoicing.
Retail Training InternComputer Technology-Using various computer programs, create marketing materials for jewelry store. -Using the Internet, research materials being sold, to develop product knowledge and learn about cost efficiency.
Student AssistantComputer TechnologyDevelop design and coordinate "Image Materials" including business cards, letterhead, envelops, marketing materials and forms. Design and edit "It Works" electronic newsletter. Increase distribution. Online research.
Student AssistantComputer TechnologyBecome familiar with Quick Books.
Teacher AssistantComputer TechnologyIndentify appropriate websites for elementary students on specific subjects requested by the teacher. Assist students on the computers as needed. Design student worksheets and materials.
Teaching Intern, Second GradeComputer TechnologyChildren use computers to supplement classroom subjects (social studies, science). Intern researches sites and assists children.
Technology InternComputer TechnologyRespond to teacher requests for computer assistance
Theatre InternComputer TechnologyEnter and maintain files in a database to be used for letter mailings, labels, press releases, audition applicants and membership tracking information.
Human Services AssistantConfidentialityMaintain confidentiality of all client/family information at the Adult Day Care facility
Retail AssistantCreative and Critical ThinkingLearn and apply principles of stylization -- shape, style, color. Learn and apply principles of storyline development and assist with the creation of merchandise and window displays.
Activities InternCreativityRequires creativity to generate new craft activities. Researches process, materials required, skill level
Barista / Prep CookCreativityFinding ways to catch a customers eyes with signs and also making the flow of everything easier with supplies
Marketing InternCreativityIntern will use reading and writing skills while putting together creative pieces - both in written and layout form.
Student CoordinatorCreativityUsing different aspects of my life to create new ideas,
InstructorCreativity and MotivationIntern will be willing to make suggestions for changes in activities so the children become more involved in participating in them.Intern will show creativity as they become more deeply involved in the agency‘s activities and more confident in themselves
Photography Studio Marketing AssistantCritical ThinkingCreate the groundwork for a system to be used in scheduling school sports teams and organizations for yearbook photos
Office AssistantCustomer ServiceInteract with customers and co-workers in a professional manner (ie. smile, be polite, speak clearly, listen attentively, and respond with relevance.) Answer phones, book appointments, seat patients
Golf Course InternDealing with WeatherTo learn how weather affects the operations of a golf course and employer schedules.
Marketing and Business InternDemographicsUnderstand the concept of target market. Learn about ordering mailing lists: type of clients, which towns, quality of lists, measuring results, keeping lists updated, altering lists based upon results. Create mailing lists using Excel. Assist with mapping mailing zones for workshops. Assist in organizing past and future marketing efforts.
Assistant Graphic DesignerDesign Skills / CreativityAbility to creatively utilize learned programs to create projects
Classroom Support/Physical TherapyDevelop good interaction, communication skills with student and staffStudent will effectively communicate with children of different need thru verbal and visual communication Student will effectively communicate with instructor
Plant Operations AssistantDiagnose, repair, maintain electrical equip.Re-lamp electrical fixtures throughout the hospital as needed; test outlets; and change frayed cords as needed
InternDispatchOrganize and put information into system for easy future reference Learn basic code and police jargon for future reference.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternDrawingPlan layout and draw sketches of electrical systems
Golf Course InternEquipment MaintenanceTo learn the basics in maintaining golf course equipment
ChefEquipment OperationOperating trade specific tools such as meat grinders, blade sharpeners and food processors. [Age restrictions apply.]
ConcessionistEquipment OperationOperate cash register, complete transactions and maintain food and beverage supplies during peak customer flow times.
Cosmetology On-Site InternEquipment OperationSelect appropriate tool and/or equipment needed to do the task at hand. Apply appropriate safety and sanitation procedures at all times.Typical tools and equipment used includes: brushes, combs, picks, different types of shears, razors, electric hair trimmers, curling iron, blow dryers, and rollers.
Culinary On-Site InternEquipment OperationSelect appropriate tool and/or equipment for task at hand; tools and equipment used include but not limited to: stoves, ovens, microwaves, electric mixers, dough machines, knives, industrial grade dishwasher. Follow industry standards when sanitizing equipment and tools after use. Strict adherance to safety procedures when using tools and equipment is required.
Golf Course InternEquipment OperationLearn to operate the equipment used in the day to day maintenance of golf course
Graphics On-Site InternEquipment OperationSelect appropriate tool and/or equipment for task at hand; apply appropriate safety procedures for the situation; demonstrate ability to use an equipment manual; perform pre-operational equipment check. Use of equipment includes (but not limited to) Apple computers, offset printer, large volume color and black & white copier, binders, laser printers, scanners, collaters, large volume paper cutters, X-Acto knives.
Horticulture On-Site InternEquipment OperationSuccessful use and operation of variety of tools and equipment in the horticulture field. Select appropriate tool and/or equipment for task at hand; apply appropriate safety procedures for the situation; demonstrate ability to use an equipment manual; perform equipment preoperational check; interpret hand-operating signals. Correctly operate cash register.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternEquipment OperationSuccessful operation of Point of Service (POS) for entering orders; successful and safe operation of coffee machine; operate cash register and count back change correctly. Can operate conveyer toaster, grills in kitchen, dishwasher, laundry machine. Can successfully demonstrate how to work and clean equipment.
Legal AssistantEquipment OperationPhone, fax, and computer communication
Merchandising Assoc.Equipment OperationUses Scanner to move merchandise to Clearance
Physical Therapy InternEquipment Operation-Learn procedure for using therapeutic exercise machinery and supervise patients while using machinery.
Plant Operations AssistantEquipment OperationDevelop an understanding of the of the operation of the emergency generator for the hospital and assist, as needed, in the transfer room
ProjectionistEquipment OperationI must operate a movie projector from setup to operation and trouble shooting.
Rental Center Sales AssociateEquipment OperationBecome familiar and comfortable with the rental equipment.
Retail AssistantEquipment OperationBecome proficient in using pins and tag gun safely. Hang pants, skirts, and other garments properly.
Spokesperson/Care Taker InternEquipment OperationAlong with general customer service, student will participate in care taking work along the grounds of the site, learning to take proper care of the tools he/she is working with on a daily basis.
Veterinary TechnicianEquipment OperationTo set up, run, and shut down all hospital equipment without supervision, including laboratory equipment, x-ray, anesthesia, and surgery equipment.
Wellness-Center InternEquipment Operation-Learn how to operate fitness equipment including weight machines and treadmills. Observe trainers and FSD instruct members about equipment. -Complete supportive tasks such as maintaining equipment and upkeep of facility.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternExpediterMonitors actions of kitchen staff that all stations are set and ready. Makes sure staff is following safety guidelines. Calls food orders to kitchen staff. Checks food quality and temperatures. Gives food to server or food runner.
Cosmetology On-Site InternFacial Treamtment Services and Manicuring ServicesDemonstrate skin analysis and recommends treatment; demonstrates cleaning technique; demonstrates eyebrow tweezing and explains waxing; performs basic facial and mask application. Analyze hands and nails; performs plain manicure and hot oil manicure; demonstrates nail wrap, nail repair, and hand and arm massage.
Culinary On-Site InternFood Handling and SanitationFollows industry standards for proper handling of food including adherance to ServSafe guidelines as outlined by the National Restaurant Association.
Residential Program AideFood prepHelp residential program clients with cookbooks and setting nutritional goals.
BabysitterFood PreparationStudent will plan, prepare and serve healthy and nutritious suppers to children.
Cashier / Sandwich ArtistFood preparationPrepare each food order according to company standards with customer selections factored in.
ConcessionistFood PreparationMake and prepare popcorn, the movie theater staple, for eager and hungry customers.
Dietary AideFood PreparationStudent will assist in light food prep, distribution of snacks, and restocking kitchenette supplies as needed.
Produce ClerkFood preparationProduce will be prepared for display in hard-wrap or soft-wrap containers as per food item.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternFood RunnerBring food from kitchen to dining room; check food to make sure everything is correct and the slip goes with it; ask server if they are all set; return trays to kitchen.
Marketing/Graphic Design InternGraphic Design Skills-Assist with the development of mockups, and redesigning of filler ads. -Learn the process of exporting or outputting ads for print, including use of proper format, files extensions, importance of color type (CMYK and RGB). Select appropriate printer, including plotter. -Brainstorm design ideas for ad design and layout.
Barn AssistantGrooming techniques/Horse CareThere are many things involved in the daily grooming and care of horses. Failure to learn correct grooming and care can affect the appearance of the horse, reputation of the caretakers and even have medical implications. Student will learn more advanced grooming techniques beyond basic brushing and cleaning. He will also learn the type of grooming preparation necessary for horse shows. He will learn how to care for and treat minor injuries, skin irritations, etc. He will learn to recognize these problems and spot any lameness issues.
Auto Body On-Site InternHand Tools and Power EquipmentSelect and use appropriate hand tools: screwdrivers; pliers; various wrenches; punches, chisels, hammers, sockets; extensions, files, hacksaws; various thred cutting taps and dies; tubing cutter; double flaring tool; ISO flaring tool; various gasket scrapers; wire brushes; bench vises. Select and use appropriate power equipment: electric drills, air impact wrench; electric soldering iron, bench grinder. Strict adherance to safety procedures when using tools and power equipment is required.
Auto Body On-Site InternHealth and SafetyIdentify and apply OSHA and other helath and safety regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs in the occupational area.
Construction Tech On-Site InternHealth and SafetyIdentify and apply: OSHA/MOSHA and other health and safety regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs; EPA and other environmental protection regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs: Right-to-Know (Hazard Communication Policy) and other communicative regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternHealth and SafetyIdentify and apply OSHA and other health and safety regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs in the occupational area. Follow federal, state, and local electrical and building codes when planning and conducting work.
Graphics On-Site InternHealth and SafetyIdentify and apply OSHA and other health and safety regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs in the shop.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternHost/HostessIn a polite and pleasant manner, greet guests and escort them to tables; seat guests at tables that meet their needs; provide menus; explain specials of the day; assure their server will be right over; operate cash register to accept payments.
Interior Design InternIdentifying fabric linesPutting away fabrics in library; knowing names of fabric houses; identifying fabric content
Dental InternInfection ControlLearn sterilization techniques and assist with sterilization of instruments, trays and preparing room for patients. Become familiar with health & safety regulations. Learn the importance of confidentiality.
Allied Health On-Site InternInfection Control MeasuresDemonstrate proper hand washing; know when to use gloves and how to remove contaminated gloves; putting on gown, gloves, and mask; removing contaminated gown, gloves, and mask; demonstrate standard precautions for infection control; identify proper procedures used in the isolation unit.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternInstallationInstall or connect conduit, junction boxes, wiring and electrical fixtures; inspect and test to make sure they work.
Chiropractic InternInteracting Co-workersAssist staff with general office duties that include answering the phone, filing, copying and greeting patients. Observe the patient, staff, and doctors when interacting with one another and become familiar with the terminology used.
Chiropractic InternInteracting Co-workersAssist staff with general office duties that include answering the phone, filing, copying and greeting patients. Observe the patient, staff, and doctors when interacting with one another and become familiar with the terminology used.
Production InternInteracting Co-workersLearn the roles and responsibilities of staff members in a radio station and ask questions of staff. Act professionally by respecting confidentiality and trade secrets. Listen to the broadcast and contribute ideas in a positive manner on/off the air.
Physical Therapy InternInteracting Co-workers/PatientsObserve the occupational therapist working with the patients to increase their upper extremities in developing home skills, such as reaching and picking up objects, opening the refrigerator door, etc. Greet the patient and listen to their concerns and needs.
Physical Therapy InternInteracting Co-workers/PatientsObserve the occupational therapist working with the patients to increase their upper extremities in developing home skills, such as reaching and picking up objects, opening the refrigerator door, etc. Greet the patient and listen to their concerns and
Medical InternInteracting w/ Patients and Families-Assist with patient discharge, including transportation of patient from unit to hospital lobby. -Assist with patient satisfactory surveys.
Special Education InternInteracting w/ Staff and Children-Assist therapeutic staff during structured therapeutic group activities. -Assist children during classroom & therapy activities.
Education InternInteracting with Children-Facilitate an activity for small groups of students. -Become aware of students' emotional needs and develop appropriate nurturing strategies. -Assist students with socialization skills in recess setting by applying mediation and problem solving skills.
Education InternInteracting with Children-Facilitate an activity for small groups of students. -Become aware of students' emotional needs and develop appropriate nurturing strategies. -Assist students with socialization skills in recess setting by applying mediation and problem solving skills.
Allied Health On-Site InternInteracting with Customers or ClientsCommunicate in a polite and considerate manner when caring for patients.
Auto TechnicianInteracting with Customers or ClientsGreets customers, schedules appointments and calls each individual customer for service.
Bagger-ClerkInteracting with Customers or ClientsSmile and greet every customer. Help customers load groceries on belt. Assist customers to car when necessary.
Business Intern / Rental CenterInteracting with customers or clientsLearn the seven steps of customer service. Learn proper cash handling proceedures.
CashierInteracting with Customers or ClientsAs a busy store, customer assistance and satisfaction are critical. Student shall assist customers and seek supervisor's support when customer becomes agitated or difficult to deal with.
Cashier / Sandwich ArtistInteracting with Customers or ClientsGreet customers in cheerful manner and act professionally and with courtesy when dealing with the public.
ClerkInteracting with Customers or ClientsGreet customers with a smile and a hello. Respond positively to customers who require assistance.
ConcessionistInteracting with Customers or ClientsMaintain good customer relations as customers queue for food.
Cosmetology On-Site InternInteracting with Customers or ClientsPerform client consultation about length, color, and style of cut desired. Discuss other services such as facials and manicures. Advise client to seek medical attention for any chronic and/or contagious scalp conditions if necessary. Record client information.
Culinary InternInteracting with Customers or Clients-Cashiering: Interns will operate register, use appropriate telephone technique, cash out customers (dine-in and take-out). -Waitressing: Greet customers, take orders, relay daily specials to customers, pick up completed orders from kitchen, serve orders in the proper sequence, total and deliver guest checks.
Dietary AideInteracting with Customers or ClientsStudent will act professionally and courteously while serving residents meals and snacks.
Golf Course InternInteracting with Customers or ClientsTo learn to treat golfers with courtesy and respect.
Graphics On-Site InternInteracting with Customers or ClientsPerform appropriate communication skills with clients; take messages; communicate and document changes to job(s).
Horticulture On-Site InternInteracting with Customers or ClientsPerform appropriate communication skills in a sales setting such as: polite and courteous manner; offer assistance in plant choice; communicate price; close sale (cash register).
HostessInteracting with Customers or ClientsCrucial to the success of the business is a friendly hostess who acts as a greeter to meet the customers and seat them as soon as possible.
Human Services AssistantInteracting with Customers or ClientsProvide clients with companionship and emotional support and accompany them for short walks and assist in preparing and facilitating an educational discussion session, take part in day-to-day problem solving of mental health issues.
Legal AssistantInteracting with Customers or ClientsSharing file information with co-workers for task completion
Operations AssistantInteracting with Customers or ClientsAssist at Pops concerts during the season
Physical Therapy InternInteracting with Customers or Clients-Supervise orthopedic program, under supervision of clinician, including patients with sports-related injuries and general work-related injuries. -Provide individual and group supervision to patients during stretches and use of progressive resistance equipment.
Produce ClerkInteracting with Customers or ClientsStudent will assist customers with produce selections and assist customers at front-end by properly bagging groceries.
ProjectionistInteracting with Customers or ClientsI work at making customers feel good and enjoy the movie atmosphere as they purchase tickets.
Rental Center Sales AssociateInteracting with Customers or ClientsLearn the seven steps of customer service. Learn proper cash handling procedures.
Retail Training InternInteracting with Customers or Clients-Assist with the distribution of fliers, including providing customers with information regarding store opening, merchandise being sold, etc. -Provide customer service both in the store and at community events.
School Store SalesInteracting with Customers or ClientsCommunicate effectively with customers
Theraputic Riding Center assistantInteracting with Customers or ClientsAs a team member of a therapeutic horse riding center, intern will encounter all levels and ages of riders who may need varying degrees of assistance while being on or near horses. Intern will show kindness and gentleness while assisting all riders according to needs.
Veterinary TechnicianInteracting with Customers or ClientsGreets customers with pets; asks pertinent questions regarding visit.
Nursing InternInteracting with Patients-Assist with transportation of patients. -Assist with feeding of patients.
Occupational Nursing 513-04Interacting with PatientsGreet and acknowledge patient's needs and use proper techniques for lifting, moving and transferring of patients; meet exercise needs of patients regarding range of motion, ambulating, etc.
Retail AssistantInteracting with staff and/or clientsGreet and assist customers and work as part of retail team
Construction Tech On-Site InternJob Preparation and Print ReadingRead and interpret construction blueprints, working drawings and building codes. Discuss how state and/or local code requirements apply to prints. Read and interpret plan, elevation, section, and detail views and schedules. Estimate needs, costs, and quantity of building materials. Demonstrate proper storage methods for lumber.
Interior Design InternLearning about furnitureUpholstery lines vs. casegood lines; knowing basic names of types of furniture, i.e. sofa, armoire
Barn AssistantLearning about medication/health issuesStudent will learn about different types of medications and uses. He will observe when medicine is administered and help when appropriate. He will help in the care of sick/injured horses if such situations should arise. Correct bandaging technique and ha
Contractor / Construction WorkerMaintenanceIt is important to keep machinery and tools well maintained to keep up with safety precautions and so the machines do not get run down and will work properly.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternMaintenance and RepairInspect and test electrical systems to diagnose problems; repair or replace faulty wiring, equipment, and fixtures.
Theraputic Riding Center assistantMaintenance of LivestockPart of the job entails the care and feeding of the lesson horses. Intern may assist customers in the gentle grooming and brushing of lesson horses to make the connection that the horse is a gentle friend.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternManagerMonitor actions of staff to ensure that health and safety standards are obeyed; make sure all tasks are done before restaurant opens (butters, creamers, water pitchers, coffee, bread, ice, check uniforms); check with customers and resolve any complaints about food quality or service; assist staff if needed; make sure all tasks are done when restaurant closes (tables broken down or reset, vacuum, coffee station clean, all dishes brought to kitchen, clean dishes and silverware put away, reach in clean).
Interior Design InternManufacturer contactOrdering memo samples. Calling manufacturers for pricing or stock availability.
Retail AssistantMarketing and PromotionLearn to assess goods, how to buy goods, and promote sales.
Graphic Design/Marketing InternMarketing Skills-Assist with local viral marketing for newspaper, magazines and the online products for Southcoast Media Group. -Participate in event marketing, attending the Women's Forum. -Participate in focus group of students for product development.
Masonry InternMasonry-Specific Skill-Students will learn the process for mixing and apply the epoxy used in stone repair. -Students will learn the importance of leverage when moving heavy objects (stones) during repair. -Students will learn the process for the proper placement of stones.
Accounting InternMathematics and Numeric AnalysisReceive the monthly phone bill, allocate costs to the appropriate departments, and distribute an accurate bill to each department
Auto Body On-Site InternMathematics and Numeric AnalysisSuccessful use of steel rulers, tape measure, ruler, combination square. Identify and use inside/outside caliper; feeler gauge; hole guage; telescoping snap guage; vernier caliper; outside/inside micrometer; depth indicator guage; and dial indicator.
Bank Teller InternMathematics and Numeric AnalysisAnalyze debits and credits to prove cash drawer. Use addition and subtraction for transactions. Prove cash daily. Prepare balancing sheets.
Cashier / Customer Service AssociateMathematics and Numeric AnalysisUse calculators to efficiently count the end of the nights revenue. Make sure that the numbers balance.
ChefMathematics and Numeric AnalysisPricing and item totaling.
Construction Tech On-Site InternMathematics and Numeric AnalysisApply basic carpentry math principles; determine true measurements from a print using an Architect's scale; Demonstrate measuring and layout procedures and applications.
CounselorMathematics and Numeric AnalysisKeeps score for pool tournaments, board games.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternMathematics and Numeric AnalysisUse mathematical skills and processes to solve problems in the electrical wiring field.
Entrepreneurship ProgramMathematics and Numeric AnalysisStudents will apply mathematical skills to a real life business venture, working to maintain financial stability within their created company, as well as to understand the analysis of these finances in order to create the most profit.
Horticulture On-Site InternMathematics and Numeric AnalysisCounting change back to customers; analyze sales; analyze sales outcome vs. expenditures.
Legal AssistantMathematics and Numeric AnalysisReview settlement statements for accuracy.
Membership Desk StaffMathematics and Numeric AnalysisTo accurately perform all tasks concerning costs of membership.
Operations AssistantMathematics and Numeric AnalysisAssist with travel expenses and payrolls
Allied Health On-Site InternMeasuring and RecordingMeasuring an oral temperature and electronic temperature; measuring axillary temperature; measuring a tympanic temperature; counting the radial pulse; counting the respirations; taking the blood pressure; measuring height and weight. Use standard precautions while providing care.
Veterinary TechnicianMedical KnowledgeTo understand a few common medical problems/complications, in order to learn to monitor hospital patients. (Ex. signs of low blood sugar in a diabetic pet).
Veterinary TechnicianMedical Skills-TechnicalTo be comfortable with some basic technical skills such as drawing blood, giving injections and medications, and monitoring IV lines.
Culinary On-Site InternMenu Planning, Order Food, Receive, Check and Store FoodPlan a menu; order food products; receive, check, and store food; calculate food costs.
Contractor / Construction WorkerMicrosoft Office MoneyThe aspect of the Microsoft Money program is to show how a business keeps running and to book work. The Money program allows businesses to keep track financially and by inputing everything into the database it will show how much money is truly being handled on expenses in comparison to deposits from jobs.
Medical InternNuclear Medicine-Specific Skills-Assist with preparation of supplies, including filling saline flushes, and assist tech aide in restocking supplies in rooms. -Become familiar with the film library and its archival role.
Nursing InternNursing-Specific Skills-Observe staff changing IV's and changing dressings. -Observe the monitoring of blood sugar levels. -Observe RN consult with physicians regarding patient.
Allied Health On-Site InternNutritional NeedsServing and removing trays/assisting with nutrition; assisting the patient who can feed themselves; feeding the dependent patient; calculating the percentage of food eaten; measuring and recording fluid intake/output; assisting with hydration/passing fluids. Use standard precautions while providing care.
Interior Design InternObserving interior designersActually seeing what designers do, i.e., working with clients. Reviewing jobs that are in progress.
Auto Body On-Site InternOccupation Specific SkillsFill dents with body filler. File, grind, and sand repaired surfaces. Remove damaged fenders and panels. Remove upholstery, accessories, and trim to gain access to vehicle body and fenders. Straigten bend vehicle frames and sections. Straighten and smooth body panels and plastic body parts. Paint and sand repaired surfaces. Install replacement parts. Adjust or align headlights, wheels, brake system. Fit and fasten window and trim pieces to vehicle body. Take apart and reassemble mechanical systems, such as suspension, steering, electrical, brakes, air conditioning, engine cooling, and drive train.
Construction Tech On-Site InternOccupation Specific SkillsUsing and maintaining ladders and scaffolds; framing doors; framing walls; framing ceilings and roofs; finishing the exterior; finishing the interior; and, if assigned, completion of light commercial carpentry tasks such as frame metal stud partitions and exterior walls, install suspended ceiling systems, and level materials using appropriate leveling instruments.
Dietary AideOccupation Specific SkillsStudent will follow HIPPA Training, protect residents' confidentiality, and receive infection control training applicable to Nursing Home Industry.
Graphics On-Site InternOccupation Specific SkillsPerform operations of graphic communications employee pre-press, production, post-press tasks to produce a variety of printed materials including but not limited to: letterhead, business cards, invitations, booklets/manuals, posters, signs, calendars, schedules, menus, NCR forms, tickets, tests/quizzes, and photographs.
Horticulture On-Site InternOccupation Specific SkillsPerform maintenance operations of greenhouse tools and equipment; manipulate growing environment by controlling temperature and light; monitor plant growth; interpret and follow instructions on seed packages; apply principles of pest control; demonstrate use of proper pruning techniques; apply any decorative accessories and or perform design tasks on plants.
InternOccupation Specific Skills-Organize and prepare dock for night pickup. -Unload freight on dock, scanning each unit upon arrival. -Maintain and clean facility.
Physical Therapy InternOccupation Specific Skills-Become aware of patient's safety at all times and assess quality of patient's physical condition. -Complete administrative and supportive tasks such as scheduling, maintaining and cleaning of equipment, and greeting patients. -Observe an initial evaluation.
Store ClerkOccupation-Specific SkillsStudent will stock and face stock items to ensure neat and organized store appearance. Will also make sure items are accurately and clearly priced.
Student AssistantOffice DutiesAnswering phone, typing and filing. Data Entry and database management. Keeping office clean. Updating manuals. Writing, editing, collating.
Contractor / Construction WorkerOperating a Dirt CompacterType of machinery that compresses the dirt so it becomes solid. It is usually done on top of two layers of sub grade dirt and then the topsoil is spread and compacted with heavier machinery.
Contractor / Construction WorkerOperating Laser and TransitThe laser and transit are set up according to the blueprint readings. The laser shoots off to another device that is set up on a grade stick with measurement in meters which will beep to indicate if the grade level is too high or too low. The Transit is used to determine if pipes are going in the correct direction.
Interior Design InternOrganization and IdentificationCommercial catalogs, fabric books. Placing them in order
Painting InternPainting-Specific Skills-Prep area prior to painting, including: cleaning, putty application, sanding and taping of surfaces. -Learn and implement proper painting techniques. -Learn and implement proper clean-up techniques.
Allied Health On-Site InternPersonal Care and Comfort MeasuresAssist with tub bath or shower; total or partial bed bath; female and male perineal care; provide nail and hair care; give or assist with oral hygiene; provide denture care; shave male patients; assist with dressing/undressing; assist with bedpans, urinals, and commodes; empty urine collection bags; provide catheter care. Care of hearing aid and eyeglasses. Use standard precautions while providing care.
Photography InternPhotography-Related Skills-Assist with photo composition through lighting assistance. -Learn about the necessary components of a good photograph, including correct lighting, composition, and color balance. -Understand the layout process for wedding albums.
Physical Therapy InternPhysical Therapy SkillsDemonstrate an understanding of the roles and tasks of the therapists. Observe the therapist assisting the patient in various exercises (strengthening of muscles, helping with balance, transporting patients from chair to walker, and use of the CPM machin
Physical Therapy InternPhysical Therapy SkillsDemonstrate an understanding of the roles and tasks of the therapists. Observe the therapist assisting the patient in various exercises (strengthening of muscles, helping with balance, transporting patients from chair to walker, and use of the CPM machine for the knee). Evaluate the patient using the Balance test.
Physical Therapy InternPolicies and ProceduresBecome aware of the patient's safety at all times and assess quality of patient's physical condition. Take initiative to ask questions and develop an understanding of medical terminology, treatment plans, and steps involved in the treatment plan.
Culinary On-Site InternPrepare Bakery ItemsIdentify ingredients used for baking; describe properties and list function of ingredients; measure and weigh ingredients for baking. Make quick breads and muffins; yeast breads and rolls; sweet dough products; prepare pie dough products; prepare, bake and finish cakes; prepare, bake and finish cookies; prepare, bake and finish pastries. Prepare and cook custards and fillings. Prepare specialty desserts. Prepare plated desserts.
Dishwasher/food prepPrepare food items As a junior nutritionist, intern will observe how food plans are developed and carry them out. She will assist in preparation of snacks.
CashierPrepare food items to orderStudent will make and brew a variety of specialty coffees and prep a variety of baked goods and related foods for customers.
Culinary On-Site InternPrepare Foods for CookingCut and prepare meat, poultry, and seafood for cooking; fry meats, poultry and seafood; cook a roast; braise meats and poultry; broil meats, poultry and seafood; and poach fish. Identify commonly served fruits and vegetables. Prepare fruits and vegetables for various cooking methods. Prepare eggs, legumes, rice, pasta, and potatoes. Identify types of stock and sauces and prepare. Identify types of soups. Prepare thick soups, clear soups, and specialty soups.
Culinary On-Site InternPrepare Salads, Sandwiches, and BeveragesIdentify ingredients used for salads; prepare basic green salad; prepare specialty salad; identify characteristics of various oils and vinegars; prepare marinades; prepare specialty salad dressings. Identify types of sandwiches. Prepare basic and specialty sandwiches.
Teaching Assistant, First GradeProblem SolvingDevelop and apply problem solving skills to assist students with social and emotional development.
Basketball Ref / Scorer / TimerProfessional BehaviorAs a member of the Recreation Department staff: Respect all referees, coaches, players and parents during the game. Respect the confidentiality of referees, coaches, players and parents. Help as needed to facilitate the busy basketball schedules. Perform your job to the best of your ability.
School Store SalesProfessional BehaviorTo behave professionally in regard to money collection. To work as a team with co-workers to meet the challenges of store operation.
SLP - Student InternProfessional behaviorDisplay a professional attitude at all times with students and staff. Display a professional attitude at all times with students and staff.
Teaching Assistant, First GradeProfessional behaviorRespect the confidentiality and diversity of all students and staff. Be aware of children's differences and adapt to their needs.
Auto Body On-Site InternProject ManagementPrepare and execute a repair plan. Review damage report and analyze damage to determine appropriate methods for overall repair. Discuss damage and plan with vehicle owner and shop supervisor. Protect panels, glass, and parts adjacent to repair area. Soap and water wash the entire vehicle; use appropriate cleaner to remove contaminants from those areas to be repaired. Apply safety procedures associated with vehicle components and systems such as ABS, air bags, refigerants, batteries, tires, oil, anti-freeze, engine coolants, and fuel systems.
Auto TechnicianProject ManagementSchedules time during internship hours to complete daily duties
Broadcast Journalism InternProject Management-Coordinate and organize promotional event regarding NCAA Basketball tournament including maintaining listener data, updating prize lists, etc. Serve as Red Sox Board Op by providing production support according to advertising protocol during sporting events.
Child Care InternProject Management-Help teacher with various art projects using a multi-sensory approach with an emphasis on visual aides. -Assist teacher with calendar activities such as days of the week, months of the year, letters, colors, and shapes.
Children's Museum AssistantProject Management1. Following instuctions on multiple tasks to be done within a specific time frame. 2. Student will have flexability to prioritize tasks and time to complete requested work.
ClerkProject ManagementComplete all tasks once they are begun, even if it requires a few extra minutes at the end of your shift.
Community Service Intern-MaintenanceProject Management-Under the supervision of the maintenance staff, youth will assist with all aspects of maintenance at a local community organization, including both indoor and outdoor tasks such as: vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, assisting with unloading of delivery trucks.
Community Service Intern-SportsProject Management-Youth will understand all aspects of project management, from initial preparation to the execution of the final execution. -Execute: As a final project, youth will host a community basketball game.
Consulate InternProject Management-Responsible for the organization and cataloging of all Portuguese literature , including books, tourism information, magazine, historical and technical law materials, newsletters, dictionary, etc.
custodianProject ManagementIntern will keep lawns and trails neat by mowing and removing debris.
Golf Course InternProject ManagementTo observe how projects are managed at a golf course
History Department Admin.AssistantProject ManagementHelp coordinate and prepare for the Media Fest. Update Media Project Manual.
Horticulture AssistantProject ManagementCreate a display for the Visitor Center
Landcsape HelperProject ManagementStudent will assist in planting of shrubs, perennials, and sod/grass as per customer specifications
Marketing and Design InternProject Management-Using the InDesign program, create of a four-fold "all-in-one" marketing brochure, including Chamber committees, membership benefits, events, and advertising opportunities.
Mechanical Engineering InternProject Management-Design a fixture to hold a spray gun that would allow increased mobility, from brainstorming ideas to development of sample. -Take initiative to develop or collaborate on specific projects.
Museum Curator InternProject ManagementTake inventory of the museum collections in order to gather information such as item description, appearance, quality/condition, date of origin, quantity, etc., in order to create a catalog.
Office InternProject ManagementResponsible for scanning current and archive insurance policies, entering data into the computer, and shredding hard copy. Mail copies of policies to banks.
Office support-Supertendant's officeProject ManagementInterested in having Joshua redesign a school newsletter, and see the project completed from start to finish.
Speech InternProject Management-Assist with cooking lesson by recording recipe onto posterboards for students. -Assist with lesson planning. -Assist with administrative duties, including photo copying, etc.
Speech InternProject Management-Assist with cooking lesson by recording recipe onto posterboards for students. -Assist with lesson planning. -Assist with administrative duties, including photo copying, etc.
Student AssistantProject ManagementMonthly newsletter, press releases and marketing projects assigned by the director.
Teaching Assistant, First GradeProject ManagementWork on special projects.
Horticulture AssistantPropagation Management/ImplementationSow seed, mix soil, transplant seedlings, raking and mulching
Customer ServicePurchasing-Learn and implement procedure for buying merchandise, including ordering from vendors. -Receive merchandise shipments and check shipments for quality/quantity. -Assist with monthly inventory on floor.
Auto Body On-Site InternReadingAbility to read vehicle manuals, equipment manuals, manufacturer's specifications, and safety manuals as needed to repair vehicle safely and correctly.
Basketball Ref / Scorer / TimerReadingLearn all relevant rules of basketball in order to perform job as referee.
Day care assistantReadingTo participate in storytime with the children, engaging them in reading-related activities.
Field InternReading-Review relevant literature on fish biology and fishery science.
Office AssistantReadingProofread program book.
Pediatric Unit InternReadingRead to and play with pediatric patients.
Physical Therapy InternReadingRead material suggested by the therapist on subjects such as diagnosing and treating students.
Production / News AssistantReadingRundowns are very important during the news. This piece of paper tells us what stories are in the show and what order they are running. It also shows which anchor is reading the story and from what video tape machine the story is rolling. This rundown is distributed to each member involved with the news. Intern is learning how to read and interpret this paperwork.
Teacher Assistant, KindergartenReadingRead stories to children using proper storytelling techniques.
Graphics On-Site InternReading and AnalysisRead and proof pre-press materials (if produced on-site); identify and correct typographical and/or spelling errors. Ability to read and apply information in software manuals.
Retail InternReceive and Stock InventoryReceive shipments from UPS. Verify product received is the product ordered by Theory and the order is correct (quantity, color, sizes). Affix Theory sales tickets to product and stock product correctly and neatly on retail floor. Attention to detail is very important.
History Department Admin.AssistantResearch and AnalysisResearch on-line materials an make recommendations to staff. Research websites and help staff develop assignments.
Legal AssistantResearch and AnalysisResearching/writing for cases
Physical Therapy InternResearch and Analysis-Present a case study of his own to better understand the process from the diagnosis to the development of a treatment plan.
Police Department InternResearch and Analysis-Research crime statistics, and work with crime prevention officer.
Wellness-Center InternResearch and Analysis-Conduct research on topics such as fitness and wellness of pregnant women, and the use of nautilus and weight machines, using the "PT on the Net" website, and present findings to the FSD.
Photography Studio Marketing AssistantResearch, CreativitiyAnalyze materials from others schools and studios to create an appealing and creative marketing campaign
Interior Design InternResidential vs. commercial designJobs that reflect either types of design. Knowing the difference betwen the two design types, i.e., vendors, fabric types.
Allied Health On-Site InternResponse to Basic Emergency ProceduresIdentify and demonstrate CPR procedure; identify Heimlich Maneuver-abdominal thrust; Identify proper procedures for assisting the unconscious patient who has an obstructed airway.
Restaurant TraineeRestaurant-specific skillsComplete sanitation process in assigned area. Register: Learn xyz keys, balance cash drawer, take register readings and make correct change. Sanitation: Handling of food and understanding the rotation of dry and refrigerated foods.
Restaurant TraineeRestaurant-specific skillsMenu planning and design. Table setting. Greet guest in appropriate manner. Take guest order and fill out guest check completely and accurately. Prepare and serve food.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternServerServe water; take beverage, appetizer, and meal order being sure to answer questions regarding how dishes are prepared; bring bread to table; enter orders into computer being sure to enter appetizers before dinners; serve meal (serve on left side, take away on right side); observe customers to find out if anything else is needed; check back to make sure customer is satisfied and pre-bus table of used dishes; serve dessert; compute cost of meal and prepare check; place check face down on table and say thank you.
Cosmetology On-Site InternShampooing and ShapingDrape and pin protective cloth; massage scalp; shampoo, rinse, and dry hair; apply scalp treatments if necessary; cut trim, and shape hair using shears, razors, and clippers. Successful demonstration of 0" degree elevation cut; "45" degree angle cut; and "90" degree cut. Proper sectioning and thinning techniques using razor or shears.
school store internStore ManagementIntern will work to maintain a clean and orderly store - refolding merchandise, sweeping, among other tasks. Intern will be involved in ordering , pricing and displaying new merchandise. Intern will be involved in money mangement.
Cosmetology On-Site InternStyling TechniquesDemonstrate blow drying techniques using three different shaped brushes; properly finish style with scalp and hair dried; successful use of hard and/or soft press iron; ability to perform several curl techniques such as: thermal curl, croquignole and spiral curl, on- and off- base curls, half-on and half-off base curls; proper teasing and smoothing techniques.
ProjectionistSupervisingOversee other youth workers and make sure that they act professionally and courteously to customers.
Crew TrainerTeaching and InstructingTrains new crew members in all aspects of customer service, food prep, and general counter help
Education InternTeaching and Instructing-Observe and apply a variety of teaching techniques to a heterogeneous group of students. -Develop and implement a lesson plan and appropriate assessment. -Become aware of various assessment techniques such as observation.
Fire Department InternTeaching and InstructingAssist with educating daycare, preschool, and elementary level students about fire safety through the SAFE program.
Fitness InternTeaching and Instructing-Using members exercise charts, work with members on exercise routine. -Gain an understanding of the customer's experience by participating as a client and by demonstrating the use of the equipment/exercises. -Become familiar with the Olympic Training Program. -Understand the importance of motivation and encouragement in training.
Human Services AssistantTeaching and InstructingPlay trivia and other mind stimulating games with clients, participate in or formulate a group chair exercise, perform individual and group activities with clients
Physical Therapy InternTeaching and Instructing-Assist patients in aquatic therapy by explaining and demonstrating procedures and providing physical assistance. -Demonstrate and supervise exercises. -Participate in activities as a "patient" to gain an understanding of the patient's experience.
Physical Therapy InternTeaching and Instructing-Assist patients in aquatic therapy by explaining and demonstrating procedures and providing physical assistance. -Demonstrate and supervise exercises. -Teach arthritis class (aquatic).
SLP - Student InternTeaching and InstructingAssist student in completing various speech and language sessions. Assist in preparing activities for select individuals and groups.
Teacher AideTeaching and InstructingAssist students in group settings and one to one. Scribe for students. Assist with decoding and comprehension. Assist with organizational and study skills. Assist with free time activities.
Teaching Assistant, First GradeTeaching and InstructingIntern will provide daily support to children with learning activities one-to-one, small group and whole group settings. Aid children in development of appropriate work habit skills. Work one-to-one or in small groups on tasks that require reading, math
Wellness-Center InternTeaching and InstructingUsing members exercise charts, work with member on exercise routine. Gain an understanding of the customer's experience by participating in a Special Attention Visit as a customer and by using the fitness equipment.
Cashier / Sandwich ArtistTeamworkAssist other employees as needed and seek assistance as part of a team effort.
ClerkTime ManagementUse time productively and complete tasks entirely before the end of shift.
Construction Coop StudentTime ManagementThe ability to prioritize tasks by duration and importance and complete all in a timely manner.
Construction Tech On-Site InternTime ManagementManage stages of construction to ensure job is done on-time.
Cosmetology On-Site InternTime ManagementProper planning and preparation for day's schedule. Maintain work-pace and professional composure while staying on-schedule and keeping work area clean.
Culinary On-Site InternTime ManagementAbility to work quickly and efficiently while preparing food correctly. Ability to handle several tasks at one time.
Day care AssistantTime ManagementLearn the daily schedule within the daycare and understand that a routine is very important with children.
Graphics On-Site InternTime ManagementCoordinate pre- and post- press needs when scheduling jobs on equipment and completing jobs on or before deadline.
Horticulture On-Site InternTime ManagementPlan planting schedule to make sure product is ready for sale;
School Store SalesTime ManagementTo use the brief time at the store to restock, clean up and sell products efficiently. To complete projects assigned by the faculty manager (posters, displays etc.)
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternTools and Equipment OperationProper selection and use of hand tools, power equipment, and measureing devices to get the job done. Ammeters, voltmeters, oscilloscopes used to test electronic components. Demonstrate strict adherance to safety procedures when using tools, operating equipment and in dealing with others.
Architecture InternUnderstanding All Aspects of the Inudstry-Assist with general office administration e.g. taking accurate and thorough phone messages, filing and documenting all project transactions, compiling drawings and packages for builders, clients and vendors.
Broadcast Journalism InternUnderstanding All Aspects of the Inudstry-Become familiar with marketing strategies associated with various segments such as the impossible question and the birthday segment. -Learn the roles and responsibilities of all staff members in a radio station and ask questions of staff. -Act professionally by respecting confidentiality and company information.
Computer Science InternUnderstanding All Aspects of the Inudstry-Become familiar with company's goals and strategies. -Participate in strategic planning meetings for company. -Become familiar with marketing prospect marketing database, mail merge & marketing campaign.
Nursing InternUnderstanding All Aspects of the Inudstry-Develop an understanding of the importance of confidentiality. -Become familiar with the daily routine in a nursing home, including daily meals, bathing, etc. -Become aware of nursing home procedures.
Wellness-Center InternUnderstanding All Aspects of the Inudstry-Become familiar with business structure of personal trainer's role within a wellness center as well as the roles and responsibilities of the FSD, including management duties such as payroll and a weekly fitness report. -Become familiar with marketing strategies of the wellness center, including communicating with new members by creating marketing folders for these members.
Retail AssistantUnderstanding All Aspects of the JobAssist with keeping the store and fixtures clean.
Nursing InternUnderstanding Systems-Become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of each staff member (RN, LPN, CNA, physicians) and understand how the staff interact within a nursing home. -Become familiar with various interdisciplinary areas including PT, OT, and Speech.
Construction Tech On-Site InternUsing Hand Tools and Operating Power ToolsUse and maintenance of layout marking, and measuring tools; fastening, clamping and dismantling tools; sawing tools; drilling and boring tools; planing, smoothing and shaping tools. Use and maintenance of portable circular saw; portable table saw; reciprocating saws; portable drills; portable router; portable power miter box; portable sanders; screw gun; pneumatic equipment; power fastening tools and systems; and stationary woodworking machinery.
InternUsing Technology-Using scanner/tracking device, scan packages and inbound freight as it enters the building, from either walk-in customers or air deliveries. -Scan and route outgoing packages.
Marketing /Events InternUsing Technology-Using computer, promote/market programs and post schedule of events on the internet. -Using digital camera, take pictures at events to be uploaded into Photo Shop to use for promotion, as well as sent to sponsors and vendors.
Marketing/Graphic Design InternUsing Technology-Become familiar with and use InDesign, Flash Design, Illustrator, and Photoshop for creating and modifying ads, and understand the differences among the programs. -Learn the process of exporting or outputting ads for print, including use of proper format, files extensions, importance of color type (CMYK and RGB). Select appropriate printer, including plotter.
Medical InternUsing Technology-Operate multiple-line phone system, from receiving call, to recording accurate information, and responding accordingly to the needs patient/doctor/nursing home (Ex: paging of doctor through computer system, update patient charts, etc.).
Nursing InternUsing Technology-Observe the use of mechanical lifts, such as the Hoya lift, for use in moving patients.
Photography InternUsing Technology-Using the internet, design a eye-catching link using MySpace in order to market the business to the young adult population. -Use PhotoShop to learn about and assist with editing, image manipulation, color balance and retouching of photos.
Veterinary InternVeterinary Patient CareObserve the daily care and maintenance of kennels including changing linen, feeding, baths, walking and monitoring the condition of the boarders. Prepare exam room for each patient and learn the breakdown of the room concentrating on sanitation procedures.
InternVisual Merchandising-Prepare merchandise for visual displays, including steaming of dresses. -Become familiar with visual merchandising concepts including symmetry and color, and apply concepts in developing window and wall displays.
Produce ClerkWeighing and PricingStudent will set tare weight amount for container and deduct from actual produce weight to ensure accurate pricing of produce.
Auto Body On-Site InternWeld and Cut MetalWeld and cut high-strength steel and other metals using manufacturer's specifications and procedures. Determine the correct welder type, electrode, wire type, diameter, and gas to be used in a specific welding situation. Protect adjacent panels, glass, vehicle interior, computers, and electronic controls, etc., from welding and cutting operations. Strict adherance to safety procedures with all welding activities is required.
Curatorial InternWritingEntering description of artifacts onto an Excel sheet for catalog purposes. Addressing and mailing invitations for upcoming events.
Education InternWritingStudent helps students edit their writing. She's positive and straightforward in her approach
Horticulture On-Site InternWritingRecommend improvements for future sales.
Journalism InternWritingOccasional interviews and story with direction from editor. Editing calendar selections.
Legal AssistantWritingDrafting documents and memos
Legal InternWriting-Review factual patterns and assist in drafting of correspondence to clients, demand letters, complaints and other pleadings. -Review factual patterns and assist in drafting of interrogations and document requests.
Nursing InternWritingBecome familiar with the documentation process, including updating patients' charts, etc.
Operations AssistantWritingAssist with correspondence
SLP - Student InternWritingThe student will write a brief summary of the observed therapy session including goals presented and student response.
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