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Allied Health On-Site Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Allied Health On-Site InternBody Mechanics, Patient Safety, Position, and MobilityProper body mechanics for personal/resident safety; turning and positioning patient; moving patient to head of bed; assisting patient to dangle; applying transfer belt; transferring bed to chair with 1 and 2 assists; independent transfer, standby assist; transferring bed to stretcher; transferring patient with mechanical lift; assisting patient to walk with cane or walker; transporting patient by wheelchair; assisting falling patient; performing range of motion exercises; making a closed/open bed; making an occupied bed.
Allied Health On-Site InternInfection Control MeasuresDemonstrate proper hand washing; know when to use gloves and how to remove contaminated gloves; putting on gown, gloves, and mask; removing contaminated gown, gloves, and mask; demonstrate standard precautions for infection control; identify proper procedures used in the isolation unit.
Allied Health On-Site InternInteracting with Customers or ClientsCommunicate in a polite and considerate manner when caring for patients.
Allied Health On-Site InternMeasuring and RecordingMeasuring an oral temperature and electronic temperature; measuring axillary temperature; measuring a tympanic temperature; counting the radial pulse; counting the respirations; taking the blood pressure; measuring height and weight. Use standard precautions while providing care.
Allied Health On-Site InternNutritional NeedsServing and removing trays/assisting with nutrition; assisting the patient who can feed themselves; feeding the dependent patient; calculating the percentage of food eaten; measuring and recording fluid intake/output; assisting with hydration/passing fluids. Use standard precautions while providing care.
Allied Health On-Site InternPersonal Care and Comfort MeasuresAssist with tub bath or shower; total or partial bed bath; female and male perineal care; provide nail and hair care; give or assist with oral hygiene; provide denture care; shave male patients; assist with dressing/undressing; assist with bedpans, urinals, and commodes; empty urine collection bags; provide catheter care. Care of hearing aid and eyeglasses. Use standard precautions while providing care.
Allied Health On-Site InternResponse to Basic Emergency ProceduresIdentify and demonstrate CPR procedure; identify Heimlich Maneuver-abdominal thrust; Identify proper procedures for assisting the unconscious patient who has an obstructed airway.
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