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Broadcast Journalism Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Broadcast Journalism InternBroadcast-Related Skills-Following commercial log, pull advertising copy and put in order to be announced. -Conduct "just in time" research for segments such as verifying information. -Contribute ideas for show segments and participate in segments. Listen to the station, pick up on the "mood" of the show and participate in show.
Broadcast Journalism InternProject Management-Coordinate and organize promotional event regarding NCAA Basketball tournament including maintaining listener data, updating prize lists, etc. Serve as Red Sox Board Op by providing production support according to advertising protocol during sporting events.
Broadcast Journalism InternUnderstanding All Aspects of the Inudstry-Become familiar with marketing strategies associated with various segments such as the impossible question and the birthday segment. -Learn the roles and responsibilities of all staff members in a radio station and ask questions of staff. -Act professionally by respecting confidentiality and company information.
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