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Construction Tech On-Site Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Construction Tech On-Site InternHealth and SafetyIdentify and apply: OSHA/MOSHA and other health and safety regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs; EPA and other environmental protection regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs: Right-to-Know (Hazard Communication Policy) and other communicative regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs.
Construction Tech On-Site InternJob Preparation and Print ReadingRead and interpret construction blueprints, working drawings and building codes. Discuss how state and/or local code requirements apply to prints. Read and interpret plan, elevation, section, and detail views and schedules. Estimate needs, costs, and quantity of building materials. Demonstrate proper storage methods for lumber.
Construction Tech On-Site InternMathematics and Numeric AnalysisApply basic carpentry math principles; determine true measurements from a print using an Architect's scale; Demonstrate measuring and layout procedures and applications.
Construction Tech On-Site InternOccupation Specific SkillsUsing and maintaining ladders and scaffolds; framing doors; framing walls; framing ceilings and roofs; finishing the exterior; finishing the interior; and, if assigned, completion of light commercial carpentry tasks such as frame metal stud partitions and exterior walls, install suspended ceiling systems, and level materials using appropriate leveling instruments.
Construction Tech On-Site InternTime ManagementManage stages of construction to ensure job is done on-time.
Construction Tech On-Site InternUsing Hand Tools and Operating Power ToolsUse and maintenance of layout marking, and measuring tools; fastening, clamping and dismantling tools; sawing tools; drilling and boring tools; planing, smoothing and shaping tools. Use and maintenance of portable circular saw; portable table saw; reciprocating saws; portable drills; portable router; portable power miter box; portable sanders; screw gun; pneumatic equipment; power fastening tools and systems; and stationary woodworking machinery.
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