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Workplace and Career Specific Skills
From Sample Work-Based Learning Plans

Contractor / Construction Worker |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Contractor / Construction WorkerBlueprint ReadingBlueprints map out the job site and where existing pipelines or landmarks are and where the new septic system and leach field goes and what layers need to surround the areas for proper drainage. There are many different levels to blueprints. Calculations need to be made through basic algebra to determine slope, area, etc.
Contractor / Construction WorkerMaintenanceIt is important to keep machinery and tools well maintained to keep up with safety precautions and so the machines do not get run down and will work properly.
Contractor / Construction WorkerMicrosoft Office MoneyThe aspect of the Microsoft Money program is to show how a business keeps running and to book work. The Money program allows businesses to keep track financially and by inputing everything into the database it will show how much money is truly being handled on expenses in comparison to deposits from jobs.
Contractor / Construction WorkerOperating a Dirt CompacterType of machinery that compresses the dirt so it becomes solid. It is usually done on top of two layers of sub grade dirt and then the topsoil is spread and compacted with heavier machinery.
Contractor / Construction WorkerOperating Laser and TransitThe laser and transit are set up according to the blueprint readings. The laser shoots off to another device that is set up on a grade stick with measurement in meters which will beep to indicate if the grade level is too high or too low. The Transit is used to determine if pipes are going in the correct direction.
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