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Cosmetology On-Site Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Cosmetology On-Site InternColor, Permanent Wave, and Hair RelaxingCOLOR: demonstrate strand test before coloring; perform hair color, retouching, and highlighting techniques. PERMANENT WAVE: demonstrate sectioning/parting for roller placement; apply wave solution and wind hair on rollers; CHEMICAL RELAXERS: demonstrates chemical hair relaxer application and technique. Follows manufacturer's directions when using and applying chemical products.
Cosmetology On-Site InternEquipment OperationSelect appropriate tool and/or equipment needed to do the task at hand. Apply appropriate safety and sanitation procedures at all times.Typical tools and equipment used includes: brushes, combs, picks, different types of shears, razors, electric hair trimmers, curling iron, blow dryers, and rollers.
Cosmetology On-Site InternFacial Treamtment Services and Manicuring ServicesDemonstrate skin analysis and recommends treatment; demonstrates cleaning technique; demonstrates eyebrow tweezing and explains waxing; performs basic facial and mask application. Analyze hands and nails; performs plain manicure and hot oil manicure; demonstrates nail wrap, nail repair, and hand and arm massage.
Cosmetology On-Site InternInteracting with Customers or ClientsPerform client consultation about length, color, and style of cut desired. Discuss other services such as facials and manicures. Advise client to seek medical attention for any chronic and/or contagious scalp conditions if necessary. Record client information.
Cosmetology On-Site InternShampooing and ShapingDrape and pin protective cloth; massage scalp; shampoo, rinse, and dry hair; apply scalp treatments if necessary; cut trim, and shape hair using shears, razors, and clippers. Successful demonstration of 0" degree elevation cut; "45" degree angle cut; and "90" degree cut. Proper sectioning and thinning techniques using razor or shears.
Cosmetology On-Site InternStyling TechniquesDemonstrate blow drying techniques using three different shaped brushes; properly finish style with scalp and hair dried; successful use of hard and/or soft press iron; ability to perform several curl techniques such as: thermal curl, croquignole and spiral curl, on- and off- base curls, half-on and half-off base curls; proper teasing and smoothing techniques.
Cosmetology On-Site InternTime ManagementProper planning and preparation for day's schedule. Maintain work-pace and professional composure while staying on-schedule and keeping work area clean.
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