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Culinary On-Site Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Culinary On-Site InternEquipment OperationSelect appropriate tool and/or equipment for task at hand; tools and equipment used include but not limited to: stoves, ovens, microwaves, electric mixers, dough machines, knives, industrial grade dishwasher. Follow industry standards when sanitizing equipment and tools after use. Strict adherance to safety procedures when using tools and equipment is required.
Culinary On-Site InternFood Handling and SanitationFollows industry standards for proper handling of food including adherance to ServSafe guidelines as outlined by the National Restaurant Association.
Culinary On-Site InternMenu Planning, Order Food, Receive, Check and Store FoodPlan a menu; order food products; receive, check, and store food; calculate food costs.
Culinary On-Site InternPrepare Bakery ItemsIdentify ingredients used for baking; describe properties and list function of ingredients; measure and weigh ingredients for baking. Make quick breads and muffins; yeast breads and rolls; sweet dough products; prepare pie dough products; prepare, bake and finish cakes; prepare, bake and finish cookies; prepare, bake and finish pastries. Prepare and cook custards and fillings. Prepare specialty desserts. Prepare plated desserts.
Culinary On-Site InternPrepare Foods for CookingCut and prepare meat, poultry, and seafood for cooking; fry meats, poultry and seafood; cook a roast; braise meats and poultry; broil meats, poultry and seafood; and poach fish. Identify commonly served fruits and vegetables. Prepare fruits and vegetables for various cooking methods. Prepare eggs, legumes, rice, pasta, and potatoes. Identify types of stock and sauces and prepare. Identify types of soups. Prepare thick soups, clear soups, and specialty soups.
Culinary On-Site InternPrepare Salads, Sandwiches, and BeveragesIdentify ingredients used for salads; prepare basic green salad; prepare specialty salad; identify characteristics of various oils and vinegars; prepare marinades; prepare specialty salad dressings. Identify types of sandwiches. Prepare basic and specialty sandwiches.
Culinary On-Site InternTime ManagementAbility to work quickly and efficiently while preparing food correctly. Ability to handle several tasks at one time.
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