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Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternBlueprint ReadingRead and follow blueprints to determine where to put wiring, circuits, outlets, and other equipment; develop and complete list of materials and equipment needed for job; discuss how state and/or local code reqirements apply to prints.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternDrawingPlan layout and draw sketches of electrical systems
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternHealth and SafetyIdentify and apply OSHA and other health and safety regulations that apply to specific tasks and jobs in the occupational area. Follow federal, state, and local electrical and building codes when planning and conducting work.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternInstallationInstall or connect conduit, junction boxes, wiring and electrical fixtures; inspect and test to make sure they work.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternMaintenance and RepairInspect and test electrical systems to diagnose problems; repair or replace faulty wiring, equipment, and fixtures.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternMathematics and Numeric AnalysisUse mathematical skills and processes to solve problems in the electrical wiring field.
Electrical Wiring Senior On-Site InternTools and Equipment OperationProper selection and use of hand tools, power equipment, and measureing devices to get the job done. Ammeters, voltmeters, oscilloscopes used to test electronic components. Demonstrate strict adherance to safety procedures when using tools, operating equipment and in dealing with others.
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