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From Sample Work-Based Learning Plans

Horticulture On-Site Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Horticulture On-Site InternCollecting and Organizing InformationPlan ahead for plant sale. Schedule what to grow and when to order materials. Compose inventory of materials on hand. Order needed materials.
Horticulture On-Site InternEquipment OperationSuccessful use and operation of variety of tools and equipment in the horticulture field. Select appropriate tool and/or equipment for task at hand; apply appropriate safety procedures for the situation; demonstrate ability to use an equipment manual; perform equipment preoperational check; interpret hand-operating signals. Correctly operate cash register.
Horticulture On-Site InternInteracting with Customers or ClientsPerform appropriate communication skills in a sales setting such as: polite and courteous manner; offer assistance in plant choice; communicate price; close sale (cash register).
Horticulture On-Site InternMathematics and Numeric AnalysisCounting change back to customers; analyze sales; analyze sales outcome vs. expenditures.
Horticulture On-Site InternOccupation Specific SkillsPerform maintenance operations of greenhouse tools and equipment; manipulate growing environment by controlling temperature and light; monitor plant growth; interpret and follow instructions on seed packages; apply principles of pest control; demonstrate use of proper pruning techniques; apply any decorative accessories and or perform design tasks on plants.
Horticulture On-Site InternTime ManagementPlan planting schedule to make sure product is ready for sale;
Horticulture On-Site InternWritingRecommend improvements for future sales.
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