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Hospitality Mgt. On-Site Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternBus PersonKeep work area clean; clear tables when patrons are finished eating; wipe down tables and push in chairs; sort dirty dishes (3 tier rack, soapy water, empty bucket, trash); bring used items to dish area; reset tables with clean linens, silverware, glassware, and dishes; make sure there are enough clean linens, silverware, and dishes in dining room.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternEquipment OperationSuccessful operation of Point of Service (POS) for entering orders; successful and safe operation of coffee machine; operate cash register and count back change correctly. Can operate conveyer toaster, grills in kitchen, dishwasher, laundry machine. Can successfully demonstrate how to work and clean equipment.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternExpediterMonitors actions of kitchen staff that all stations are set and ready. Makes sure staff is following safety guidelines. Calls food orders to kitchen staff. Checks food quality and temperatures. Gives food to server or food runner.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternFood RunnerBring food from kitchen to dining room; check food to make sure everything is correct and the slip goes with it; ask server if they are all set; return trays to kitchen.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternHost/HostessIn a polite and pleasant manner, greet guests and escort them to tables; seat guests at tables that meet their needs; provide menus; explain specials of the day; assure their server will be right over; operate cash register to accept payments.
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternManagerMonitor actions of staff to ensure that health and safety standards are obeyed; make sure all tasks are done before restaurant opens (butters, creamers, water pitchers, coffee, bread, ice, check uniforms); check with customers and resolve any complaints about food quality or service; assist staff if needed; make sure all tasks are done when restaurant closes (tables broken down or reset, vacuum, coffee station clean, all dishes brought to kitchen, clean dishes and silverware put away, reach in clean).
Hospitality Mgt. On-Site InternServerServe water; take beverage, appetizer, and meal order being sure to answer questions regarding how dishes are prepared; bring bread to table; enter orders into computer being sure to enter appetizers before dinners; serve meal (serve on left side, take away on right side); observe customers to find out if anything else is needed; check back to make sure customer is satisfied and pre-bus table of used dishes; serve dessert; compute cost of meal and prepare check; place check face down on table and say thank you.
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