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Workplace and Career Specific Skills
From Sample Work-Based Learning Plans

Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
InternAdministrative-Specific Skills-Assist with organization of client files, copying, faxing, etc. -Take initiative to answer phones and direct calls appropriately. -Provide walk-in clients with appropriate travel brochures.
InternDispatchOrganize and put information into system for easy future reference Learn basic code and police jargon for future reference.
InternOccupation Specific Skills-Organize and prepare dock for night pickup. -Unload freight on dock, scanning each unit upon arrival. -Maintain and clean facility.
InternUsing Technology-Using scanner/tracking device, scan packages and inbound freight as it enters the building, from either walk-in customers or air deliveries. -Scan and route outgoing packages.
InternVisual Merchandising-Prepare merchandise for visual displays, including steaming of dresses. -Become familiar with visual merchandising concepts including symmetry and color, and apply concepts in developing window and wall displays.
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