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Nursing Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Nursing InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Observe staff interactions with patients, paying particular attention to varied approach according to patients' needs. -Become familiar with the terminology including medications, procedures, etc.
Nursing InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Become familiar with the documentation process, including updating patients' charts, etc.-Take initiative to locate which area will maximize the observation experience.-Become aware of hospital procedures.
Nursing InternInteracting with Patients-Assist with transportation of patients. -Assist with feeding of patients.
Nursing InternNursing-Specific Skills-Observe staff changing IV's and changing dressings. -Observe the monitoring of blood sugar levels. -Observe RN consult with physicians regarding patient.
Nursing InternUnderstanding All Aspects of the Inudstry-Develop an understanding of the importance of confidentiality. -Become familiar with the daily routine in a nursing home, including daily meals, bathing, etc. -Become aware of nursing home procedures.
Nursing InternUnderstanding Systems-Become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of each staff member (RN, LPN, CNA, physicians) and understand how the staff interact within a nursing home. -Become familiar with various interdisciplinary areas including PT, OT, and Speech.
Nursing InternUsing Technology-Observe the use of mechanical lifts, such as the Hoya lift, for use in moving patients.
Nursing InternWritingBecome familiar with the documentation process, including updating patients' charts, etc.
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