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Veterinary Technician |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Veterinary TechnicianAnimal CareTo be comfortable and competent holding all cats, dogs, and small "pocket pets."
Veterinary TechnicianEquipment OperationTo set up, run, and shut down all hospital equipment without supervision, including laboratory equipment, x-ray, anesthesia, and surgery equipment.
Veterinary TechnicianInteracting with Customers or ClientsGreets customers with pets; asks pertinent questions regarding visit.
Veterinary TechnicianMedical KnowledgeTo understand a few common medical problems/complications, in order to learn to monitor hospital patients. (Ex. signs of low blood sugar in a diabetic pet).
Veterinary TechnicianMedical Skills-TechnicalTo be comfortable with some basic technical skills such as drawing blood, giving injections and medications, and monitoring IV lines.
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