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Wellness-Center Intern |

Job Title Skill Skill Task/Description
Wellness-Center InternCollecting and Organizing Information-Observe director and trainers as they conduct Special Attention Visits in personal training, including eliciting medical history as well as conducting fitness assessment and goal setting. -Become familiar with a fitness program for students with special needs. -Use corporate database to determine member status and assist with updating, maintaining, and organizing membership files.
Wellness-Center InternEquipment Operation-Learn how to operate fitness equipment including weight machines and treadmills. Observe trainers and FSD instruct members about equipment. -Complete supportive tasks such as maintaining equipment and upkeep of facility.
Wellness-Center InternResearch and Analysis-Conduct research on topics such as fitness and wellness of pregnant women, and the use of nautilus and weight machines, using the "PT on the Net" website, and present findings to the FSD.
Wellness-Center InternTeaching and InstructingUsing members exercise charts, work with member on exercise routine. Gain an understanding of the customer's experience by participating in a Special Attention Visit as a customer and by using the fitness equipment.
Wellness-Center InternUnderstanding All Aspects of the Inudstry-Become familiar with business structure of personal trainer's role within a wellness center as well as the roles and responsibilities of the FSD, including management duties such as payroll and a weekly fitness report. -Become familiar with marketing strategies of the wellness center, including communicating with new members by creating marketing folders for these members.
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