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Job Title and Job Description


Lawyer in private practice. I do trial work and estate planning. Best thing about my job: I enjoy helping people.

What are some related career opportunities and job titles in your company or in your career area?

What new technology will be important?

What education or training did you have to prepare for this career?

Juris Doctorate. Bachelors with 3 years law degree

What education or training do you recommend for students today who want to enter this field?

Juris Doctorate (required)

When you were in high school, did you know that you would enter this field?

No, when I was in 38 I decided to change careers.

Skills Profile

Skills UsedRating (5=Most Important thru
1=Not Important)

Artistic 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat ImportantI design my own material 
Athletic / Physical 1-Not Important 
Bilingual 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Computer Technology 1-Not Important 
Coordination / Using Hands, Tools, and Equipment 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Creative Thinking 1-Not Important 
Interpersonal 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very ImportantMust be able to relate to a lot of people 
Investigative / Fact Finding 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most ImportantMust be able to get information 
leadership and Supervising 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat ImportantWhen dealing with clients, be in control 
Logical Thinking 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important 
Math 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat ImportantI do much of my own bookeeping 
Mechanical Understanding 1-Not Important 
Sales and Negotiation 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat ImportantNegotiating settlements 
Scientific and Experimental 1-Not Important 
Social Service / Helping Skills 2-Less Important2-Less Important 
Teaching / Instructing 2-Less Important2-Less ImportantDo some teaching to clients 
Verbal Communication 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very ImportantMust be able to explain things 
Understanding Nature, Plants, Animals 1-Not Important 
Understanding Yourself 1-Not Important 
Writing 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most ImportantCan be done on the computer, but it must be easily understood 

Interview By: Lawyer