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Veterinary Assistant

Job Title and Job Description

Veterinary Assistant

I do whatever the vet herself needs done. Ex: client contact, animal restraint, such as giving fluids, drawing blood, operating equipment with lab, (and paperwork resulting); sterilizing instruments; handling bills/payments; filing; developing x-rays and more!

What are some related career opportunities and job titles in your company or in your career area?

Veterinarian; Vet technician; office manager; veterinary supply sales; vet lab technician; animal grooming + training. Veterinary medical equipment development + sales; veterinary pharmaceuticals development + sales.

What new technology will be important?

Laser surgery + diagnostic imaging: ( made more widily available at lower cost to pet owners.)

What education or training did you have to prepare for this career?

No formal education. On the job training by the the veterinarian. I was hired because I am intelligent or organized and good with animals. (My boss knew me for a while before offering me a job.)

What education or training do you recommend for students today who want to enter this field?

Go to school to become a vet or vet tech. Not many vets are willing to train-as-you-go (I was lucky). There are many veterinary specialties which are interesting.

When you were in high school, did you know that you would enter this field?

No, I was intrested in animals as a child, but not as a teenager.

Skills Profile

Skills UsedRating (5=Most Important thru
1=Not Important)

Artistic 1-Not Important 
Athletic / Physical 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important 
Bilingual 1-Not Important  
Computer Technology 2-Less Important2-Less Important 
Coordination / Using Hands, Tools, and Equipment 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important 
Creative Thinking 2-Less Important2-Less Important 
Interpersonal 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important 
Investigative / Fact Finding 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
leadership and Supervising 2-Less Important2-Less Important 
Logical Thinking 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important 
Math 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Mechanical Understanding 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Sales and Negotiation 1-Not Important 
Scientific and Experimental 1-Not Important 
Social Service / Helping Skills 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Teaching / Instructing 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Verbal Communication 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important 
Understanding Nature, Plants, Animals 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important 
Understanding Yourself 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Writing 1-Not Important 

Interview By: S.M.