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Machine Shop

Job Title and Job Description

Machine Shop

Im in charge of shipping/receiving, some expediting, inventory, and the outside processing of parts at a small machine shop. I like that I get freedom in what I do and that I often get to travel somewhat locally and spend some afternoons on the road.

What are some related career opportunities and job titles in your company or in your career area?

Machine work is long hours but can pay pretty decently. Its meticulouisaiah but very interesting. People who repair the machines that the parts are made on (CNC Lathes and CNC Mills) can make really good money. The are shops that are willing to train and trade schools that teach you how to run the machines. Machine shops not only need machinists but they also need people to run their offices for billing an payrolls and bidding and quotes on jobs as well as delivery drivers, part inspectors, quality control managers, engineers and a shipping department.

What new technology will be important?

More efficient machinery. Faster production with less mistakes. More efficient ways to inspect the materials.

What education or training did you have to prepare for this career?

My only education is a high school diploma and some college toward the medical field. I was trained on the job and as I progressed with my machine knowledge I was given more responsibilities.

What education or training do you recommend for students today who want to enter this field?

Going to a trade school and getting a degree in the field or in engineering. The engineers make really good money as weLl.

When you were in high school, did you know that you would enter this field?

No - I didnt even really know about this as a career in high school. I took the job because I was a single mom and I needed the long hours and income to support my daughter.

Skills Profile

Skills UsedRating (5=Most Important thru
1=Not Important)

Artistic 1-Not Important 
Athletic / Physical 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Bilingual 1-Not Important  
Computer Technology 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important 
Coordination / Using Hands, Tools, and Equipment 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important 
Creative Thinking 1-Not Important 
Interpersonal 2-Less Important2-Less Important 
Investigative / Fact Finding 1-Not Important 
leadership and Supervising 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Logical Thinking 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important 
Math 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important 
Mechanical Understanding 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important 
Sales and Negotiation 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important 
Scientific and Experimental 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Social Service / Helping Skills 1-Not Important 
Teaching / Instructing 1-Not Important 
Verbal Communication 1-Not Important 
Understanding Nature, Plants, Animals 1-Not Important 
Understanding Yourself 1-Not Important 
Writing 1-Not Important 

Interview By: Jennifer Parker