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Rehab Counselor / Vocational Consultant

Job Title and Job Description

Rehab Counselor / Vocational Consultant

I coordinate care for injured workers. I set up whatever I feel necessary to get them back to work -- from getting medical care to retraining for a new career to helping them get a new job.

What are some related career opportunities and job titles in your company or in your career area?

What new technology will be important?

Increased use of computers for tracking case information.

What education or training did you have to prepare for this career?

Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling.

What education or training do you recommend for students today who want to enter this field?

In Massachusetts, a Masters degree is required. Some states require a Bachelors degree.

When you were in high school, did you know that you would enter this field?

No, but I knew I wanted to be in a helping profession.

Skills Profile

Skills UsedRating (5=Most Important thru
1=Not Important)

Artistic 1-Not Important 
Athletic / Physical 1-Not Important 
Bilingual 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat ImportantIncreases job opportunities 
Computer Technology 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Coordination / Using Hands, Tools, and Equipment 1-Not Important 
Creative Thinking 1-Not Important 
Interpersonal 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most ImportantDealing directly with people 
Investigative / Fact Finding 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very ImportantMust get background info 
leadership and Supervising 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important 
Logical Thinking 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most ImportantMust be able to justify decisions 
Math 2-Less Important2-Less Important 
Mechanical Understanding 2-Less Important2-Less Important 
Sales and Negotiation 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat ImportantNegotiating to get people work 
Scientific and Experimental 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important 
Social Service / Helping Skills 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important 
Teaching / Instructing 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very ImportantTeaching people about self and opportunities 
Verbal Communication 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important 
Understanding Nature, Plants, Animals 2-Less Important2-Less Important 
Understanding Yourself 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important 
Writing 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very ImportantFor documentation 

Interview By: Rehab Counselor