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Environmental Technician  

Job Title and Job Description

Environmental Technician  

I work for an environmental services company, which has a contract to manage hazardous waste for a manufacturing company. We label and track and ship barrels of chemicals/waste and keep track of compliance with EPA regulations.  

What are some related career opportunities and job titles in your company or in your career area?

Related jobs include: Field chemist * Biologist * Chemist * Geologist * Inspector * Civil Engineer. This field will be very hot in the coming decade as environmental standards become more rigorous.

What new technology will be important?

Testing and monitoring equipment

What education or training did you have to prepare for this career?

I completed several certificates in environmental services before I started this job. The company is paying for me to attend additional training, and I am taking classes at night so that I can advance.  

What education or training do you recommend for students today who want to enter this field?

I recommend starting by earning some certificates and then moving on to a 2- or 4-year degree program. I recommend the 40-hour OSHA training certificate, Confined Space Training, Field Chemist, DOT training on shipping hazardous materials, other courses.

When you were in high school, did you know that you would enter this field?

No. I entered this field after working in other jobs for several years.

Skills Profile

Skills UsedRating (5=Most Important thru
1=Not Important)

Artistic 1-Not Important   
Athletic / Physical 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most ImportantPhysically demanding work. 
Bilingual 2-Less Important2-Less Important   
Computer Technology 2-Less Important2-Less Important   
Coordination / Using Hands, Tools, and Equipment 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important   
Creative Thinking 2-Less Important2-Less Important   
Interpersonal 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important   
Investigative / Fact Finding 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most ImportantOn some projects, must find out about hazardous materials 
leadership and Supervising 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat ImportantThere are opportunities to become a supervisor 
Logical Thinking 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important   
Math 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important   
Mechanical Understanding 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important   
Sales and Negotiation 2-Less Important2-Less Important   
Scientific and Experimental 4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very Important4-Very ImportantSome projects require that technicians test soil or air samples 
Social Service / Helping Skills 2-Less Important2-Less Important   
Teaching / Instructing 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important   
Verbal Communication 5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most Important5-Most ImportantMust communicate with co-workers about projects 
Understanding Nature, Plants, Animals 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important   
Understanding Yourself 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important   
Writing 3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important3-Somewhat Important   

Interview By: JHL