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When you were in high school, did you know you would enter this career?

Out of 107 answers, 73 said NO ... 19 said YES ... 15 said OTHER ...


IP Developer

No - Had no idea. I didn‘t have a clue but was recognized by peers as being a taste-maker when it came to music and audio electronics. I knew my stuff. Also, in high school I took mechanical drafting and art classes. Drafting taught me the manual method of using graphics software for design and how to approach design plans. Art helped me realize I wanted a sense of freedom when working for money.

Director of the Abolitionist Network

No. I wanted to be involved in ministry in some way - but i wasn‘t sure what that would look like. I thought perhaps i would go into education so i could use that anywhere in the world and teach kids and love them. But when i heard about Human Trafficking i knew i needed to somehow be a part of fighting against this injustice, not just internationally, but right in my own community.

Mechanical Engineer

No, I almost went to college undecided, then a month before it started I entered the college of engineering. I knew I liked math, and science was always fun for me, so I based my decision off of that. Once I was in the engineering classes, I decided to study mechanical engineering.

Staff reporter at a daily newspaper

No - I was the features editor of my high school newspaper but wanted to work more on the issues of the day rather than cover them as a reporter. So I did "issue work" for 20+ years in health care and education, and then turned to reporting.

Health Coach

NO! I had no idea what I wanted to do. Now I have combined my passion for horseback riding with my career interest in health and wellness, and specifically target riders who want to improve their health and ride better in competition.

International Project Mgmt. & Researcher

No. Growing up I was very interested in other cultures and helping other people in poorer countries. I knew I wanted to work on social issues but did not think I‘d ever come to Africa. And here I am.

Self-employed Computer Programmer & Consultant

No, when I was a senior in high school I was briefly exposed to computer programming and became certain I would NEVER enter the field. I chose to enter the field about 12 years later.

College Instructor (Humanities/Theology) 

No, I had no idea in high school. I enjoyed math and physics. In college I majored in religion - but I didn‘t get started on this career track until five years after graduation.  

Machine Shop

No - I didn‘t even really know about this as a career in high school. I took the job because I was a single mom and I needed the long hours and income to support my daughter.

Director of Marketing & Sales

No - In High School I was schlepping bags of mulch and wishing I had another $1,000 to buy a Ford Mustang GT. I had no idea what type of career I‘d enter into after college.

Secondary Mathematics Teacher

No - I always knew that I wanted to do something with mathematics, but I thought I was going to be a civil engineer or an architect. I never thought I would be a teacher!

Civil Engineer/Land Development

No, I was good in math and science but did not know what I wanted to do. I started college majoring in math and switched over when I learned more about civil engineering.

Special Educator

No...I was interested in physical ed and dance. It wasn‘t until I volunteered in a class for behavior/autistic children that I realized what I wanted to pursue.

Teacher Assistant

No--I hated school! Now, I am working on a dual masters degree (MSW--Social work and MA in Criminal Justice) I am a great student and ENJOY class!

Office Manager / Insurance Company

No, I never thought I would work in this field. A year ago I started with a business school, and found that I like this field.

Doctor of Chiropractic

No - I did not know what a Chiroprctor was; I was injured in a car accident [1967] and started Chiropratic college in 1972.

Kitchen Design and Sales / Hardware Store 

No, I didn‘t know what I would do. I started in this field a few years after I graduated from college. 

President, The Art Emporium

No, I was always interested in a career in art, but owning an art supply store never entered my mind.

Finance Associate

No, in high school I wanted to be a hairdresser. Worked with music and played violin for six years.

Community Employment Specialist

No. I entered college undeclared, but changed to Social Work in the middle of my freshman year.

Property Management

No - I had no idea. I wanted to be an Air Traffic Controller but circumstances changed.

Community Relations & Economic Development Representative

Not specifically. I did know I would be involved in community issues/business concerns.

Health Specialist

No, I knew I wanted to do something in Health Care, but I did not know what.

Associate Director of Investment Management  

No, I was good at fixing things. Computers need fixing, so I learned how.  

Environmental Technician  

No. I entered this field after working in other jobs for several years.

Domestic Violence Victim Advocate

No, this job didn‘t exist then. I got into this field 3 years ago.

Veterinary Assistant

No, I was intrested in animals as a child, but not as a teenager.


No, I‘ve been with the company for only about a year and a half.

Executive director of a regional nonprofit educational foundation

No, when I was in high school I planned to be a psychologist.

Senior Manager, Biostatistics

No - definitely not, but I was always interested in medicine.

Coalition Coordinator

No, after college I tried a lot of things before I got here.

Dangerous Goods Program Manager    

No, Absolutely not. Fate and hard work landed me here.    

Rehab Counselor / Vocational Consultant

No, but I knew I wanted to be in a helping profession.

Reservoir Engineer

No, of course, my background is chemical engineering

Chief of Police

No, I started in 1970 after I got out of the army.


No, when I was in 38 I decided to change careers.

Math Coach

No....never thought I would even teach!!! 

HVAC Contractor  

No, I did not even know it existed.  

Associate Actuary

No idea - thought I‘d be a teacher.

System Engineer  

No, I got started after college.  

City Councillor

No, I went to college to be a vet.

Kindergarten teacher

No, wanted to be a police officer.

Human Resources Director

No, I wanted to be a psychiatrist.


No... Heck no. Never heard of it.

Director of Children & Family Ministries

No - never could have dreamed it!!

Web Design

No - this field did not exist.

Preschool Teacher

No, wanted to be a hairdresser

Director of Development

No - I did not.

Data Analyst 

No I did not. 

Manager of Supply Chain Capabilities  

Not a clue.  

Senior Programming Analyst

Not at all.

Web Developer

Not at all.


Not at all

Systems Engineering Manager




Art Gallery Manager  


Art Investment/Appraisal 


Vice President Construction Management Co. 


Executive Director, Franklin Park Coalition


Medical Student


Surgical Products Salesman 


Marketing Coordinator


International Settlement Global Custodian


Process Analyst


Vice President of Finance Heavy Construction Distributorship


Graphic Designer


Special Education Assistant


Direct Support Worker


Software Developer




High School Guidance Counselor


Sustainability Manager


Owner of Estrella Farms



Marketing Specialist

Yes - I most certainly did. I loved spending my extra time in the Graphic Design classroom playing with Adobe Photoshop, taking pictures (a hobby I still love) and developing film in the darkroom. I volunteered to create business cards for local businesses, and wrote poems/submitted photos in the school newsletter. I‘ve always loved being creative!

Creative and Technical Director / Marketing Firm

Yes and no. I was interested in commercial art all along, but didn‘t know that I would be in this particular field.

Clinical Psychologist

Yes, when I was fifteen I took a mini-course in psychology and knew I wanted to enter this field.

Teacher Aide, Special Education

Yes, I knew I was interested in working with people with disabilities.

Director of Pastoral Care and Patient Advocay

Yes, I always had an interest in ministry that began in childhood.


Yes I did; I was interested in how buildings affect people.  

Public Health Nurse

Yes, I went directly from high school to nursing education

Planetarium Systems Coordinator/Educator

Yes, I knew I wanted to go into the field when I was nine.

Electronics Engineering Technician

Yes, I had a strong interest in electronics and computers.

Freelance writer & novelist

Yes. I have always, always known that I wanted to write.

Controller/Office Manager

Yes because I was very good with numbers and math.

Senior Marketing Director

Yes - related field of apparel


Yes, in my senior year.



Graduate Civil Engineer


Assistant Director of Underwriting 


Home health nurse




Educational Specialist



Partner and Co-owner of Marketing Firm

I knew I would work in a related field, but I didn‘t know much about the career options. I was interested in writing and acting. Teachers said I would be good in public relations. I was interested in math and I also knew I wanted to earn money.

Green Activist / Freelancer / Former Magazine Editor

I always loved to write, research, interview - and work with others in a creative way. The incredible variety of work on a magazine takes advantage of these skills - though in high school I only knew I wanted to be creative.

Grad student / Guidance counselor

I had an idea that I would enter the field. I knew I wanted to work with kids but was unsure in which capacity.  

President (Marketing firm)

I knew I wanted to write and be creative. I knew I wanted to be in charge. This was one possibility.

Applications Engineer

I knew I wanted to get into some electrical engineer type field. But where, I did not know.

Test Engineer

My goal was to get a job in the engineering field, but not this specific job.

Program Assistant

I knew I would be working in this field in some way.

Civil Design

I did like drafting in school.

Community Advocate at a faith based non profit social agency/ministry

Management Consulting Admin

Transportation Maintenance

Inventory Control Coordinator

Local Area Network (LAN) Administrator

Leather Business Owner

Deli and Catering Owner/Manager