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What new technology will be important in your career area?

Arts, Media and Communications

Art Investment/Appraisal 

Shared data bases with museums and libraries allowing larger information database searches of deceased artists or international exhibition history 

Art Gallery Manager  

Computers, Graphic Design - design and layout techniques, pricing strategies, and preservation practices. 

President, The Art Emporium

Web design, computer art

Graphic Designer

I think developments in making internet connections faster and home computers more efficient will surely be important.

Senior Marketing Director

Garment /fabric online testing * computer color approval systems * CAD design and spec systems * speed /capacity / imaging technology * online garment fitting technology

Planetarium Systems Coordinator/Educator

For this field, any technology that has do to with producing stunning visual content, with ease of course. 3D may become mainstream, and perhaps the next step is holographic projection.


New recording software has radically changed the music industry and will continue to do so.

Green Activist / Freelancer / Former Magazine Editor

A better-for-the-environment slant is only going to grow (no pun intended) and urban gardening is taking advantage of social networking to build interest in projects that help the environment and the community. Most corporations have a department to look after their green footprint - and new technologies are a great part of this.

Freelance writer & novelist

E-books, I‘m sorry to say. I like my books dog-eared and with covers.

Staff reporter at a daily newspaper

The Internet has already vastly transformed journalism. Progress in technology will prompt further changes in how news organizations work. News will come out faster from more sources in an ever-more-crowded market, but it still has to be accurate.

IP Developer

Smarter wireless interfaces on computing and entertainment devices. Artificial intelligence applications designed for web sites. Simple tablet, smartphone and computer tools for access really huge buckets of data.


Assistant Director of Underwriting 

Computer techology ...artificial intelligence, computer based underwriting 

Vice President of Finance Heavy Construction Distributorship

Computer related diagnostics.Finacial work is computerized - spreadsheet and database knowledge needed.

Manager of Supply Chain Capabilities  

The Internet and new technology bring ease of communication.  

Marketing Coordinator

Telecommunication, spreadsheets and databases.

Controller/Office Manager

Communications will be the most important technology in the accounting/office support field in the future.

International Settlement Global Custodian

Telecommunications among countries, cellular networks, point-to-point lines/satellites.

Community Relations & Economic Development Representative

Telecommunication, teleconferencing and improved computer technology.

Finance Associate

Web-based databases, password-protected websites.

Associate Actuary

Database mining. Projection software for stochastic modelling.

President (Marketing firm)

Web marketing of all sorts, social media marketing, technologies involving Web apps

Director of Marketing & Sales

The technology most important to this industry in the next 10 or 20 years has already arrived - Internet. Going forward, Sales and Marketing professionals will require more than a cursory understanding of how the offline & online channels work separately (and together) to be successful. The need to remain competitive (agile and efficient) will mandate working smarter, not harder.

Senior Manager, Biostatistics

Increasing reliance on electronic data capture, where subject data can be captured immediately in a database ready for analysis.


Social Media

Construction and Design

Vice President Construction Management Co. 

Communication software for project management.


Refined CAD integrated with onsite development ­ in-office design linked electronically to on site development will result in faster process for changes; telecommunication; materials and methods in building technology and construction will mimic biology.


Telecommunications ...

HVAC Contractor  

More and more systems will be integrated with computers. Particularly with the new types of systems, the technician will need a laptop computer to plug into the system to diagnose and repair equipment. 


I have just started incorporating computer programs to help me with my designs and layouts. This will be the way of the future.

Civil Engineer/Land Development

3D AutoCAD (this is here now but has not been universally implemented or embraced) Sustainable design - especially related to green building and renewable energy



Computer and all associated technologies

Special Educator

Technology is changing so rapidly. The school system needs to make sure that the schools keep up with technology. There needs to be an understanding state and federal wide.

Educational Specialist

Information Technology and everything related to it.

Special Education Assistant

Computer (communicating) and adaptive physical equipment

Teacher Assistant

Continued computer skills, adaptive learning devices

Preschool Teacher

Computers, internet

Kindergarten teacher

Computers, CDs, learning tapes

Executive director of a regional nonprofit educational foundation

Nonprofit management is a "people" skills field, so technology that helps people connect with each other and understand information will be important. One of the big areas is fundraising applications that help identify and track prospects.

Teacher Aide, Special Education

Equipment to help with physical therapy for people with disabilities or injuries, such as a robotic walker that helps people with disabilities or injuries learn to walk. Also equipment to help with speech.

Secondary Mathematics Teacher

The calculator is always evolving, and has more applications every time I plan a new lesson. Also Smart Boards are an amazing piece of technology that continues to improve.

Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Environmental Technician  

Testing and monitoring equipment

Veterinary Assistant

Laser surgery + diagnostic imaging: ( made more widily available at lower cost to pet owners.)

Executive Director, Franklin Park Coalition

Everything will be on a small phone-size machine and we‘ll be able to track problems and issues in the park with that.

Sustainability Manager

alternative energy and environmentally correct businesses (corporate social responsibility)

Owner of Estrella Farms

water conservation management, mechanized pruning


Surgical Products Salesman 

Robotics, less invasive technologies,genetic and tissue engineering; computers.

Health Specialist

Computers, teleconferencing, new medical procedures, better claims processing, new medicines


The use of the computer and new automative instruments will gather information useful in many ways. Use of lasers, uses of medications and it will mean earlier detection of problems for the public.

Medical Student

New technology will affect this field in all aspects.

Home health nurse

One example is computerized heart monitors that can be used at home. Results are read over an online connection by medical staff.

Director of Pastoral Care and Patient Advocay

Computer programing to help with Medical, psycho-social assessment and documentation.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Wellness is the new buzz word in health care but Chiropractors have been talking about this for over a century.

Health Coach

Working remotely, I currently utilize phone and video conferencing, as well as detailed info on my website and social media. In the future, I think social media and affordable and easy-to-use customized communication portals for clients to access information will be important.

Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism


We are like google. But better. Faster computers would help, but our value is our knowledge and our customer relationship skills.

Human Services

Direct Support Worker

Human services will use automation more and more in order to keep track of services.

Rehab Counselor / Vocational Consultant

Increased use of computers for tracking case information.

High School Guidance Counselor

Perhaps there will be no formal High Schools as classes would be held over the internet. However, I feel students would suffer socially.

Community Employment Specialist

Assistive technology. Autistic support.

Clinical Psychologist

Office applications, such as software for tracking cases, for example.

Community Advocate at a faith based non profit social agency/ministry

tablet computer, smart phones,

Director of Children & Family Ministries

Social Media as it evolves, as well as multimedia technology

Program Assistant

Technology, not so much. Probably a better understanding of children and their needs.

Director of the Abolitionist Network

Web platforms that increase communication and social network possibilities, information sharing and communication on best practices, as well as learning from mistakes and failures

Director of Development

Online fundraising, social networks, new universal databases

Information Technology

Data Analyst 

On-line databases, 4th generation programming. 

Associate Director of Investment Management  

The computer industry is always changing. Keeping up with the latest technology is key in this field. 

Senior Programming Analyst

Web based applications are driving this industry away from client/server applications. Now that the .com era is over, the web will stabilize and put forth money making endeavors.

Web Developer

I think personal instant access to the internet, whether it be for ordering groceries through the fridge or checking the traffic report while driving in your car has strong potential.

Web Design

Right now the important technologies are ASP, XML, DHTML, etc. The exact technologies will change a lot every few years.

Software Developer

The more advanced technology becomes the more business opportunities in this field.

Human Resources Director

Computers are critical. Understanding of word processing, presentations, spreadsheet, database and HR information system (HRIS) software is needed.

Self-employed Computer Programmer & Consultant

Smart phones, cloud computing and probably one or two other big things I don‘t know know about.

Systems Engineering Manager

newest programming languages, keeping up with newest computer hardware and operating systems. Virtual machines, cloud storage.

Law, Government and Public Service

Dangerous Goods Program Manager    

Computerization - tracking cargo. The Federal Aviation‘s Air Traffic Division is always in the forefront of technolgy.     

City Councillor

A computer; I can help people through e-mail.

International Project Mgmt. & Researcher

The role of the computer and the Internet has dramatically transformed the speed and communication capability in international development work. The computer and Internet allows those working in the field (such as me working w/the farmers in rural Tanzania) to be able to send reports and update in a quick, timely manner to my organization‘s main office in the US (San Franscico California). The continuing upgrade of websites and the use of the Internet will allow people from all over the world to be able to connect to one another and share ideas and documents for improving their works. And since many people working in developing countries travel a lot and are away from their family and friends, sending emails and digital pictures is a way to share experiences and keep in touch.


Even if electronic recording replaces court reporters (which you would think would be imminent, but it isn‘t as close as you‘d think), what they then need is me - someone who can fix phonetically spelled transcripts into English: Is it peek, peak, pique or pallet, palate, or pallette?

Technical and Engineering

Process Analyst

A person who can take data, transform to knowledge, and make a business wiser in its decisions will have value. So not only will software and computer technology be important but also how these technologies are leveraged.

Electronics Engineering Technician

Prosthetics. More and more is known how the nervous system works. People who are paralyzed may be able to use their limbs again.

Mechanical Engineer

Being able to work on electro-mechanical parts is becoming more prominant in technology, which combines mechanical and electrical engineering to create parts.

Civil Design

Computers are always making our job easier.

Graduate Civil Engineer

There may be improved integration of design tools (water, storm and sewer) with drafting programs, more accurate GPS equipment for surveying, more town incorporating GIS(Geographic Information System).

Reservoir Engineer


Machine Shop

More efficient machinery. Faster production with less mistakes. More efficient ways to inspect the materials.

Applications Engineer

Wireless technology. Also energy efficency in general.

Test Engineer

Network technology, such as connecting devices on an Ethernet network.