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The Career Development Toolkit

Career Development Toolkit - Preface

The Career Development Toolkit was developed to support career development activities for schools and youth programs in Massachusetts. It provides readings and activities that can be used in a variety of settings, including student advisory groups, after-school and summer programs, work-and-learning programs, or in classrooms.

The Toolkit was inspired by projects that I have worked on over the past several years. As a self-employed consultant, I am fortunate to be able to work with many different projects serving youth in Massachusetts, and so I am familiar with many of the career development goals and approaches used in schools and youth programs. In my personal life, I have also volunteered as a scout leader, and have developed and implemented a variety of career exploration activities for young people. For several years, I also taught Economics part-time at a community college and developed a variety of classroom activities involving analyzing and graphing economic data. Meanwhile, I have also taken time on my own, apart from any professional or volunteer work, to experiment with a variety of career-related activities, developing an online career exploration project called the “Career Outlook Project” and an online “Skills Portfolio,” which are both highlighted in this book.

I hope you enjoy using these resources. Feedback about the guide, stories about how you have implemented these activities, and suggestions for future editions are welcome.

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